Kalyani Group’s ‘big gun’ plans forge ahead


The Baba N. Kalyani-pro­moted Kalyani Group has man­aged to grab the at­ten­tion of the In­dian Army in a big way fol­low­ing its show­ing at the re­cent De­f­expo in New Delhi. SP’s can con­firm that the com­pany has a se­ries of fol­lowon meet­ings with the Army over the next two-three weeks to fine-tune pos­si­ble co­op­er­a­tion, as well as to dis­cuss cer­tain new un­spec­i­fied re­quire­ments. The In­dian Army will be do­ing this with other com­pa­nies too, in­clud­ing L&T and Tata. In­ter­est in the pri­vate sec­tor’s ca­pa­bil­ity in the field of ar­tillery weapons is at an all-time high. Most prom­i­nent among the Kalyani Group’s of­fer­ings this year was Bharat-52 155mm/52cal towed gun, that will be among the con­tenders for long-de­layed Army re­quire­ments. Apart from the ‘Project Karan’ of the 130mm M46 guns to a 155mm/45cal stan­dard, the other prod­ucts be­ing dis­cussed in­cluded the Ul­tra-light Long-range how­itzer (155mm/39cal) that the Kalyani Group pro­poses to de­velop and build in col­lab­o­ra­tion with US firm Man­dus. The fu­ture pro­gramme, based on soft re­coil tech­nol­ogy en­vis­ages a 4,500-kg gun with an as­sisted/unas­sisted range of 22.4/30 km, with an in­tense rate of fire of 4 rounds per minute for 3 min­utes. Fi­nally, the Army has also ex­pressed in­ter­est in the Garuda 105 ul­tra-light field gun, which the Kalyani Group has called a ‘par­a­digm shift in close sup­port’. Once again in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Man­dus, the plat­form is based on the 105mm In­dian field gun (IFG), in­cor­po­rates soft re­coil tech­nol­ogy, dig­i­tal fire con­trol, based on an all-ter­rain ve­hi­cle with moun­tain­ous ter­rain ma­noeu­vra­bil­ity, and adapt­able for fit­ment on any cur­rent in-ser­vice ve­hi­cle.

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