The space de­bris radar de­vel­oped by In­dra passes ESA tests


The demon­stra­tor radar de­vel­oped by In­dra for de­tect­ing ob­jects in space has suc­cess­fully passed the val­i­da­tion tests per­formed within the Euro­pean Space Agency’s Space Sit­u­a­tional Aware­ness (SSA) prepa­ra­tion pro­gramme.

The first phase of this pro­gramme aims to es­tab­lish the ba­sis for build­ing the fu­ture Euro­pean sys­tem that will mon­i­tor the waste from other mis­sions that is float­ing freely in space. There are an es­ti­mated 7,00,000 ob­jects or­bit­ing our planet in an un­con­trolled man­ner, and this poses a se­ri­ous risk to our mis­sions and op­er­a­tional satel­lites.

The tests per­formed at San­tor­caz (Madrid) had the aim of ver­i­fy­ing that the tech­nol­ogy used by the radar sys­tem is ma­ture enough to be used in the de­sign of a de­fin­i­tive sur­veil­lance sys­tem.

The tests were fo­cused on ob­serv­ing and de­tect­ing known ob­jects for which or­bital in­for­ma­tion is al­ready avail­able.

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