In­dian Navy to ac­quire 25 CIWS for war­ships


The In­dian Navy has opened a com­pe­ti­tion to ac­quire 25 new 25-30mm close-in weapon sys­tems (CIWS) for its new war­ships, in­clud­ing the INS Vikra­ma­ditya. The Navy has an­nounced that it is look­ing for a sys­tem that in­cludes a sur­veil­lance-cum-track­ing radar, elec­tro-op­ti­cal (EO) sys­tem, in­te­grated sur­face-to-air (SAM) sys­tem and a 20-30mm cal­i­bre gun with an in­te­grated gun con­trol sys­tem. The CIWS needs to be op­ti­mised for both sur­face and air en­gage­ment, by day and night, of low and high fly­ing, sea skim­ming air tar­gets and at­tack craft, boats, mines, ob­jects float­ing on wa­ter sur­face, and other sim­i­lar sur­face tar­gets. Air de­fence of front­line ves­sels re­mains a ma­jor con­cern for the Navy with a pro­nounced lack of point de­fence sys­tems on many of its ships, in­clud­ing the INS Vikra­ma­ditya. The Navy’s other air­craft car­rier, INS Vi­raat is armed with the Barak 1 anti-mis­sile sys­tem. An in­te­grated CIWS/SAM sys­tem throws up new pos­si­bil­i­ties for com­bat pre­pared­ness of the fleet, though it re­mains to be seen how ven­dors will re­spond. In­ter­ested ven­dors could in­clude Raytheon (Pha­lanx CIWS) and Rosoboronex­port (AK 630 CIWS or Kash­tan CIWS), along with in­te­grated sur­face to air mis­sile sys­tems that each ven­dor will need to spec­ify in their re­sponses to the In­dian Navy’s in­ter­est.

Raytheon Pha­lanx CIWS on INS Jalashwa

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