Coastal Se­cu­rity Scheme in phases


The Gov­ern­ment has been im­ple­ment­ing the Coastal Se­cu­rity Scheme in phases. The Phase-I of the Scheme com­menced from April 1, 2005 for a pe­riod of five years, which was ex­tended by one year. The Phase-II of the Scheme, which com­menced from April 1, 2011 is presently un­der im­ple­men­ta­tion.

Un­der the Phase-I of the Coastal Se­cu­rity Scheme, eight Coastal Po­lice Sta­tions (CPSs) were set up in Ker­ala with an as­sis­tance of ` 10 lakh per CPS for the pro­cure­ment of surveil­lance equip­ments, com­puter sys­tems, fur­ni­ture, etc., 16 boats of 12-tonnes, eight boats of five-tonnes, 16 four­wheel­ers and 24 two-wheel­ers, whereas un­der the

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