Indo-In­done­sia Ex­er­cise Garuda Shakti-IV


Indo-In­done­sia Joint Train­ing Ex­er­cise Garuda Shakti is con­ducted as part of mil­i­tary diplo­macy be­tween In­dian and In­done­sian Army al­ter­na­tively in In­dia and In­done­sia re­spec­tively. The ex­er­cise is con­ducted on a re­cip­ro­cal ba­sis and its first edi­tion was con­ducted in the year 2012 in In­dia. The sec­ond edi­tion was con­ducted in In­done­sia in 2013 and third in In­dia in 2014. The ex­er­cise is aimed at build­ing and pro­mot­ing pos­i­tive re­la­tions be­tween the two armies of In­dia and In­done­sia.

The fourth edi­tion of the joint ex­er­cise was con­ducted for 13 days from March 10 to 23, 2016. at Mage­lang, In­done­sia. in which an In­dian Army pla­toon strength con­tin­gent car­ried out cross train­ing with a pla­toon from the air­borne bat­tal­ion of the In­done­sian Army. The se­lected In­dian unit has had var­ied op­er­a­tional ex­pe­ri­ence in coun­terin­sur­gency and coun­tert­er­ror­ist op­er­a­tions in the North­ern, West­ern and East­ern the­atres. The In­dian con­tin­gent has been put through a rig­or­ous train­ing sched­ule to pre­pare it for the ex­er­cise which in­cludes com­bat con­di­tion­ing, fir­ing, tac­ti­cal op­er­a­tions, tac­ti­cal skills and spe­cial he­li­borne op­er­a­tions train­ing.

The ex­er­cise is con­ducted as joint counter-in­sur­gency op­er­a­tions ex­er­cise in ur­ban and ru­ral sce­nario and en­com­pass var­i­ous facets of tac­ti­cal counter-in­sur­gency op­er­a­tions. The aim of the ex­er­cise is to build and pro­mote pos­i­tive re­la­tions be­tween the armies of In­dia and In­done­sia and to en­hance the abil­ity of In­dian and In­done­sian Army to un­der­take joint tac­ti­cal level op­er­a­tions in a counter-in­sur­gency en­vi­ron­ment un­der United Na­tions Charter.

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