Rostec tests Ka-52K he­li­copters in ma­rine con­di­tions


Ka-52K he­li­copters man­u­fac­tured by Rus­sian He­li­copters hold­ing com­pany (part of Rostec State Cor­po­ra­tion) com­pleted the first phase of test­ing in ma­rine con­di­tions. The ma­chines are cur­rently in the premises of Kamov De­sign Bureau where spe­cial­ists fin­ish as­sess­ing the con­di­tion of he­li­copters and their com­po­nents af­ter per­form­ing tasks in harsh cli­matic con­di­tions.

Two Ka-52K he­li­copters were tested dur­ing the pe­riod from late 2016 to early 2017. Af­ter per­form­ing the tasks set by com­man­ders the tests of he­li­copters were recog­nised suc­cess­ful. The ma­chines have al­ready been handed over to en­gi­neers of Kamov De­sign Bureau for con­duct­ing ad­di­tional study of the work of a he­li­copter and its in­di­vid­ual units, as well as for mak­ing changes con­sid­er­ing pos­si­ble re­quire­ments.

“Ka-52K he­li­copters com­pleted the first phase of test­ing in ma­rine con­di­tions, af­ter which it can be con­cluded that the ma­chines may be placed on an air­craft cruiser and suc­cess­fully com­plete their tasks. The he­li­copter has unique prop­er­ties; how­ever, one test in the sea is in­suf­fi­cient for un­der­stand­ing the work of its en­gines, units, avion­ics, con­trol and ar­ma­ment sys­tems in mar­itime cli­mate. The de­sign bureau will con­tinue its work as part of tests in­clud­ing those on the air­craft cruiser,” said Deputy CEO for Sales of Rus­sian He­li­copters hold­ing Vladislav Save­lyev.

The Ka-52K he­li­copter is another ma­chine in the range of ‘mar­itime’ he­li­copters de­vel­oped by Kamov De­sign Bureau and adopted by the Rus­sian Navy.

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