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The gov­ern­ment has cleared the pur­chase and in­te­gra­tion of Traf­fic Col­li­sion Avoid­ance Sys­tems (TCAS) on the In­dian Navy’s Tu-142, Dornier Do-228 and Il-38SD air­craft fleets, in a cru­cial move to shore up flight safety dur­ing ex­tended op­er­a­tions at sea. The navy has for years felt the need to give its re­con­nais­sance fleet air­borne col­li­sion avoid­ance sys­tems. The re­cent de­ploy­ment of P-8I air­craft in the hunt for miss­ing Malaysia Air­lines flight MH370 un­der­scored the need for TCAS on all air­craft. The navy’s Tu-142s, also based at INS Ra­jali in Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu, had also been on standby for the search op­er­a­tion but were not used since they would have been de­ployed in airspace that was thick with other air­craft and he­li­copters. The navy’s worst ever dis­as­ter be­fore the INS Sind­hu­rak­shak tragedy last year, was the mid-air col­li­sion of two Il38s in Goa dur­ing ju­bilee cel­e­bra­tions of the navy’s air arm. The ef­fort to arm th­ese air­craft (new ones were pro­cured sub­se­quently) with TCAS and other safety sys­tems has been on since then.

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