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The In­dian Navy has de­clared in­ter­est in ac­quir­ing four multi-pur­pose support ves- sels (MPVs), not more than 110 me­tres in length and with dis­place­ment in ex­cess of 3,500 tonnes ca­pa­ble of tow­ing navy ships, launch & re­cov­ery of tor­pe­does and launch of var­i­ous types of tar­gets such as pilot­less tar­get air­craft (PTA), re­mote con­trol tar­get boat (RCTB), self-pro­pelled un­der­wa­ter re­us­able tar­get (SPURT), ex­pend­able acous­tic tar­get (EAT), etc and trial plat­forms for naval weapons and sen­sors un­der de­vel­op­ment by the De­fence Re­search and De­vel­op­ment Or­gan­i­sa­tion (DRDO). Since the ship will be em­ployed for tow­ing op­er­a­tions, the Navy wants MPVs ca­pa­ble of tow­ing ships of ap­prox­i­mately 8,000 tonnes at 8 knots con­tin­u­ously with­out any re­stric­tions. The Navy has stip­u­lated that the MPV should be able to stage a Dhruv or NUH chopper and host a com­ple­ment of 10 of­fi­cers and 120 sailors. The ship should have a range of about 4,500 nm at 15 knots and 7,500 nm at 10 knots with 25 per cent re­serve fuel. The ship should be able to sus­tain 30 days on a mis­sion and should have a ser­vice life of at least 25 years. The Navy wants all nav­i­ga­tional aids to be pro­vided on board the plat­form, in­clud­ing in­te­grated bridge sys­tem (IBS), AIS, LRIT, DGPS, two I-band COTS radars with ARPA dis­plays etc. Stan­dard naval IFF sys­tem (transpon­der only) should also be fit­ted. Ac­com­mo­da­tion for two 30 mm NSG with EOFCS and HMGs/ LMGs to be nom­i­nated by the In­dian Navy seprately and in­te­grated by the sup­plier.

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