Re­al­ize su­pe­ri­or­ity.

Siemens PLM Soft­ware: In­dus­try so­lu­tions for smart in­no­va­tion.


In a world of smart prod­ucts, where mar­kets van­ish in a sin­gle in­no­va­tion, how do you com­pete? Tra­di­tional mea­sures of suc­cess—qual­ity, cost, speed—aren’t enough. It’s time to go be­yond best prac­tices… to next prac­tices. For­ward-think­ing com­pa­nies are “dig­i­tal­iz­ing” their en­tire in­no­va­tion process, from devel­op­ment through pro­duc­tion to uti­liza­tion. Be­cause hav­ing a great idea isn’t as im­por­tant as re­al­iz­ing it. That’s where we come in. Our Smart In­no­va­tion Port­fo­lio helps op­ti­mize your dig­i­tal en­ter­prise so you’re bet­ter equipped to ini­ti­ate and re­spond to dis­rup­tive in­no­va­tion. And you can re­al­ize what mat­ters most in your in­dus­try.­sion

The Smart In­no­va­tion Port­fo­lio is an adap­tive sys­tem that pro­vides ev­ery­one the in­for­ma­tion they need—when and how they need it—through in­tel­li­gent mod­els that self-op­ti­mize for ef­fi­cient prod­uct re­al­iza­tion and suc­cess­ful cus­tomer uti­liza­tion.

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