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Three years is not a big gap. If you’re mak­ing a pic­ture this big, I think this much time is nor­mal. In any case, when I make a film, I’m not very good at plan­ning – the co­or­di­nat­ing with the writ­ers, get­ting the ac­tors’ dates, shoot­ing a film and si­mul­ta­ne­ously plan­ning the next. When I make a film, I make only one film at a time. Only af­ter one film is com­plete do I think, what next should I make. I spend six to eight months think­ing about that, another six to eight months on de­tail­ing and writ­ing it. Get­ting the stars’ dates takes another 6-8 months. And then, for the scale of the films I make, it takes an en­tire year to com­plete it. That’s why there’s usu­ally a two to two-and-a-half years’ gap be­tween my films.

Most writer-di­rec­tors are not open to other writ­ers work­ing on a script they want to film. Do you also suf­fer from that hang-up and write all your sto­ries your­self? Or do new writ­ers come to you with sto­ries? I’ve writ­ten most of the scripts for my films. But I am open to other writ­ers work­ing on my film. If some­one comes to me with a script, I’d love to work on it. In fact, I’d pre­fer it. But if you are a writer, and an es­tab­lished writer like me, they know they can’t fool me by sound­ing out any story, and they have to have it worked out well. They know that I will ask a

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