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There were ru­mors of a strained re­la­tion­ship be­tween Sushant Singh Ra­jpuRa­jput and you. What do you have to say about that? Akash Sax­ena (In­dore)

AMIT SADHSADH: They were ru­mors all right, but therethe was noth­ing more to it. Some­bodySomebo said I didn’t in­vite him for my birth­day party, but I didn’t haveh one. My best friend Aditya threw a sur­prise party for me, and had called 10-12 peo­ple that I know. There was no­body from the in­dus­try ex­cept Sub­hash (Kapoor) Sir and Tishu (Tig­man­shu Dhu­lia)D Sir as I spoke to them ev­ery day, be­cause my movies with them were up for re­lease. I was not in the mood to throw a party be­cause I was busy with pro­mo­tions. My friend threw a parparty, a get-to­gether with per­son­ally close peo­ple, who I meet ev­ery day. So I am not aware of this ru­moured party that I threw, that I didn’t call Sushant to, and that hasha sup­pos­edly re­sulted in a strained re­la­tion­ship be­tweenbe us.

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