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Want to know what turns on those who turn us all on? Sex! Some­thing which few girls, least of all hero­ines, spoke about openly with­out hav­ing their mouths washed out with Lis­ter­ine or Nirma Wash­ing Pow­der. But with the erotic eight­ies giv­ing way to the naughty nineties, changes are afoot in tin­sel town. What with the sexy siz­zlers shed­ding their in­hi­bi­tions with their clothes, at the drop of a lace. With them open­ing out so much for the sil­ver-screen, they also opened up about things that good girls did, but never spoke about! This pas­sion-ses­sion has the care­free Sonu Walia, the chirpy Juhi Chawla, the im­age con­scious Sangeeta Bi­jlani to the beau­ti­ful Madhuri Dixit. I asked and they an­swered. From sex to abor­tion, from love to ex­pe­ri­ence, I wanted them to tell all…

If you were to walk into a room full of men, what type would you look at or try to se­duce? Sonu: The first thing I would look at would be a tall and good-look­ing man. The kind who catches your eye. But I would not sit and talk to a good-look­ing guy be­cause most of them are quite nar­cis­sis­tic. I’d prob­a­bly want to be with a guy who has an in­ter­est­ing face. I wouldn’t think of sex right away. Juhi: I would look at those men who were pre­sentable, but are laugh­ing and smil­ing the most. It’s very im­por­tant to me that a man have a ready wit and a good sense of hu­mour. Madhuri: The guy I would be im­me­di­ately at­tracted to would be a com­bi­na­tion of good looks and ready wit. Sangeeta: First of all, I wouldn’t walk into a room full of strange men. If I went for a party, I would prob­a­bly know some peo­ple and go to them. But if I didn’t know any­one, I would go to­wards some­one who has a ‘pres­ence’ which I can feel, or lots of char­ac­ter.

Have you ever dressed for ef­fect – to turn heads? Do you know that (ac­cord­ing to Freud) dolling up has sex­ual un­der­tones? Sonu: On the few oc­ca­sions that I do go out, I def­i­nitely dress to be the best. It’s a good feel­ing to walk into a place and have heads turn­ing. I love that. And I dis­agree with the no­tion that dress­ing for ef­fect has sex­ual un­der­tones. I don’t be­lieve that the only thing men think of when they look at a woman is how to get her into bed! And if, as you say, the av­er­age man thinks of sex ev­ery three min­utes, then let me put it this way – In that case I wouldn’t go for the av­er­age man at all! Juhi: I’ve al­ways dressed for my­self though I do ad­mit that dress­ing up does have sex­ual un­der­tones. Af­ter all, the bright­est flow­ers at­tract the most in­sects, though I dis­agree with Freud when he says that dress­ing up is purely sex­ual. Freud is a fraud! Af­ter all who doesn’t like dress­ing up? Who doesn’t like ad­mir­ing glances or turn­ing heads? I love it! Sangeeta: I dress for my­self, never for ef­fect. The heads turn­ing just show to what de­gree I’ve been suc­cess­ful at mak­ing my­self look good.

When did you last get turned on? Sonu: The last time was so long ago, I can’t even re­mem­ber! There must be some­thing very wrong with the men of to­day. I re­act to males not be­cause they are males but to the char­ac­ters they per­son­ify. It’s not a sex­ual feel­ing. That comes much later. I don’t get turned on right away. I have to be men­tally stim­u­lated first. Juhi: If you’re talk­ing sex­u­ally, I wouldn’t know. But emo­tion­ally, it hap­pens all the time. In fact, as re­cent as yes­ter­day. I think of my Mr. Right and just drift off, and be­fore I know it, I’m clutch­ing my pil­low real tight. I love ro­mance. Madhuri: When I saw Top Gun, I freaked over Tom Cruise, I found him ex­tremely at­trac­tive and hand­some.

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