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Com­ing from be­ing a sup­port­ing ac­tor in big films, to a lead ac­tress in NilBat­teySan­nata, how does it feel? It al­ways feels good, when a film is quite cen­trally your film and you are the pro­tag­o­nist. Ev­ery ac­tor would want to be Romeo or Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, which is no rocket sci­ence. But hon­estly, I’ve never seen my­self as a sup­port­ing ac­tor. If you look at my body of work, there is al­most like an equal bal­ance of sup­port­ing roles and lead roles. The only thing is that the sup­port­ing roles hap­pened to be in big block­buster com­mer­cial films. My first film where I was play­ing the ti­tle part, hasn’t re­leased yet. Maybe it will re­lease as one of those dis­cov­ered gems, af­ter I die (laughs). Any­way the direc­tor is around, so he might kill me, but Niy­ati was the name of the film, di­rected by Pravesh Bhard­waj. My first re­lease was Mad­hu­lal Keep Walk­ing, which didn’t do well, but was a sweet film, that was a lead role. Then soon af­ter Tanu Weds Manu, my next re­lease was Lis­ten Amaya, again a ti­tle part. In that sense there has been an equal num­ber of roles. In my head I never saw my­self as a sup­port­ing ac­tor, but a fairly com­pe­tent ac­tor.

You have said on record that your role in NilBat­teySan­nata puts your ca­reer at stake…. That was one of my fears when I read the script. I felt like ‘Oh my God, this is ca­reer sui­cide’. I don’t think it is any­more, be­cause as hero­ines, your whole anx­i­ety is that you shouldn’t look old, you shouldn’t be ag­ing or should be play­ing roles aged 21 or max 24-25. And here, the daugh­ter is a 15-year-old ghodi, not even a bloody new-born baby. But the power of the script was so much that I didn’t care af­ter a point.

Do we see you play­ing and out-and-out glam­orous role ever? Oooh, that’s a good ques­tion! My next film is called Anarkali Aarawali, which is the story of an or­ches­tra party singer in UP, Bi­har. It will ac­tu­ally be a great con­trast to Nil Bat­tey San­nata. So yes, you will see me in a glam­orous role soon, but hon­estly, I thought Prem Ratan Dhan Payo was pretty glam­orous for me. I think glam­our is only an ac­ces­sory, to a role that you are play­ing. I’m not try­ing to be­come Ka­t­rina Kaif, be­cause she is do­ing a very good job at be­ing her­self. So it’s bet­ter that I do a good job at be­ing Swara Bhaskar. Tell us about the roles you have re­jected? A lot of them, and it’s re­ally hor­ri­ble. Some­times, I re­alise that I have said no eight times in a week and won­der whether I am re­ally big enough to refuse so many projects. There are many films be­ing made and some of them are nice, but they don’t work out for some rea­son. Some of them are ab­so­lutely worth­less also. But I have never re­gret­ted re­ject­ing a film, I have never cried over los­ing a part.

Which are the big films that you have re­jected? No, I am not go­ing to tell you that and get into trou­ble with the next is­sue of Star­dust. There have been big­ger films I have re­jected or did not get, but luck­ily, God has been kind and they have al­ways turned out to be ter­ri­ble.

Also, there are re­ports of you and Sonam Kapoor team­ing up for a chick-flick. Tell us more about it? Sonam is one of those rare ac­tresses who is un­able to be jeal­ous or in­se­cure. Sonam might have an im­age of be­ing ‘diva’ish, but she is one of the warm­est peo­ple I know. I would al­ways do a film with her. I re­ally can’t talk about the film right now, but there is a project in the off­ing, and I hope we will be able to sign. I think your sources are giv­ing you more ac­cu­rate in­for­ma­tion than mine, so maybe you should go back to those peo­ple.

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