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It’s a Sal­man Khan film: Is your role in Sul­tan meaty enough? I don’t go for meaty roles. When you work with Sal­man Khan, you don’t think if a role is meaty or not. It’s just a role. Peo­ple have a dream to work with a par­tic­u­lar per­son, but I have a dream to work with only two peo­ple, Aamir Khan and Sal­man Khan. I met Ali (Ab­bas Za­far) and asked him to give me any role he wanted to, and I went home and wrote in my di­ary that I will do Sul­tan with Sal­man Khan. And the next day, I got to know that the films cast­ing was done. I got a call from Ali, say­ing that he had a part for me. He asked me to lis­ten to it once, but I re­fused. And in­stead, asked if I was shar­ing a frame with Sal­man. He said yes, so I agreed to the film. I’m with him in the en­tire film. The part was very strong and very cru­cial. I be­lieve it’s turned out well.

Does the length of a role not mat­ter to you? Noth­ing mat­ters to me. There are two ways of see­ing life for an ac­tor. You see ev­ery­thing with a very alien­ated point of view. Some­times it hap­pens that the story and the film maker are very good, and you’re do­ing just a five-minute role. But the depth of your role, the char­ac­ter you’re play­ing is so amaz­ing that peo­ple re­mem­ber you much later as well. And then there’s a film that is to­tally on your shoul­ders but there’s no con­nect, no writ­ing, and no di­rec­tion, and it doesn’t work. Also, movies are about the right mix of cast. All great movies have an en­sem­ble cast.

Has Bol­ly­wood been fair to you? I’m not in Bol­ly­wood. I’m in the busi­ness of mak­ing movies and my of­fice is in Mum­bai. I’ve seen so much in life that this is a piece of cake, it’s a walk in the park. The best peo­ple I’ve met in my life are in this in­dus­try. There are peo­ple who have gone out of their way to love me, to teach me, to guide me, and to mould me. I’ve met young­sters, strug­glers, ac­tors, and well-off peo­ple. When I see them an­gry I find it funny. I’m pam­pered here and I hope it doesn’t change.

You have al­ready said you would like to work with Aamir Khan and Sal­man Khan. Do you also have a dream di­rec­tor? Yes, it’s a very good point. I would like to work with Im­tiaz (Ali), Anurag Kashyap, and Sachin (Karande) again. I’d like to do a film with Neeraj Ghay­wan. My dream is not to be­come a su­per­star. There’s just one thing I want, and that is to keep act­ing for the next fifty years. That’s all.

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