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Last year we saw VFX go­ing to another level com­pletely - even Fan had some amaz­ing visual ef­fects. What are your plans for the Red Chillies VFX? Visual ef­fects is a very in­ter­est­ing space and my rea­son for start­ing this (Red Chillies VFX). There were three boys when we started. The first film was Pa­heli - we had a small unit then. And now it’s been 14-15 years and I think to make a film like Fan or Ra.One or Kr­rissh, and what they are do­ing with Anand Rai’s film now, is a very big leap for­ward. I am not say­ing this be­cause it is my com­pany. I think there is a huge ne­ces­sity to bring tech­nol­ogy and VFX into this coun­try. It is a dif­fi­cult busi­ness be­cause a lot of film­mak­ers in this coun­try don’t use VFX widely, they think it should only be used for su­per­hero films. But it should be used to en­hance the way a film looks. Even in a nor­mal love story, we can use visual ef­fects, and we will try it in Im­tiaz’s (Ali) film. It’s very strange that some peo­ple don’t even re­alise that Fan is a VFX film. I think the recog­ni­tion, ac­cep­tance and be­liefs in visual ef­fects in In­dian film in­dus­try are ex­tremely nec­es­sary for us to go in­ter­na­tional. VFX is much cheaper in In­dia than any­where else in the world. We are ac­tu­ally mak­ing VFX for some of the best films you are see­ing in the world and it is high time In­dia made them. I think it will be in­ter­est­ing in the next five years if we can hold on to Red Chillies VFX and take them for­ward.

You men­tioned in an in­ter­view about ex­plor­ing var­i­ous gen­res in­clud­ing com­edy, so will we see you do­ing a com­edy film again, some­thing like Bad­shah? I think Chen­nai Ex­press was a com­edy, but no, there is no of­fer on the ta­ble. I think Chen­nai Ex­press was the last film that I found very funny. Ac­tu­ally, we were plan­ning some other film like a re­make of An­goor, Ro­hit asked me to hear the script and I thought it was very funny. But noth­ing like Bad­shah or Du­pli­cate is on the cards now.

So is there any film of yours that you want to have a se­quel for? I think is the only one that per­haps lends it­self, that is how we leave it ev­ery time. But I don’t think Farhan (Akhtar) has any story for Don 3 right now. Maybe Ra.One can have a se­quel but we have no idea if we have a story for that ei­ther. I had thought I would make Ra.One into a se­quel if it did well, but it didn’t go where I thought it would. And it’s an ex­pen­sive propo­si­tion, you need to have two years of prep-time for that. So un­less we have a story, I don’t think there is any other film that I thought would have a se­quel.

Were the ac­tion scenes in Raees tax­ing for you, while at the same time re­fresh­ing, be­cause they brought you out from the ro­man­tic slot? I got very badly in­jured dur­ing Fan. Not while shoot­ing,so my knee has a prob­lem and my patella is bro­ken and I have to do some­thing about it. It is a big in­jury and gets painful, and that is why the film got de­layed. It was dif­fi­cult to do the rooftop scenes in Raees, nor­mally I do run and all in all my films. But in Raees I had to use a du­pli­cate which I feel bad about, but I couldn’t help it since the set was al­ready there. That was painful. Also, I did the meat fac­tory fight post-surgery, so that was also dif­fi­cult.

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