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FromFro be­ing a star in the South to mak­ing your na­me­nam in Bol­ly­wood, your jour­ney has been a long one. Have you come across any sleazy ex­pe­ri­ence­sexpe in your jour­ney? — Seema Rai (Ban­ga­lore)

Sur­pris­ingly,Surpr noth­ing! Be­cause I had a lot of parental sup­port.suppo I think that’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween what I ex­pe­ri­enced­expe and what oth­ers have ex­pe­ri­enced. I al­waysal­way had my par­ents to look out for me since day one. May­beM be­cause I started off at a very young age. ThThey con­tinue to be my sup­port sys­tem. They have prpro­tected me from an en­counter I could have had. I haveh come to be­lieve that not only in this in­dus­try such things are dis­cussed­dis­cuss about and re­vealed, but I think it’s there in ev­ery pro­fes­sion. For peo­ple tot say that this only hap­pens in the film in­dus­try is re­ally un­fair. Be­cause I see that in the in­dus­tries where this is not spo­ken about, it is even mo­more ram­pant. Here, there is a spot light on it, and peo­ple talk about it. I have been lucky I never had to go through any­thing un­savoury .

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