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I re­ally love the kind of roles you choose, they ac­tu­ally bring out the act­ing abil­i­ties you own. So if you had an op­por­tu­nity to play a biopic - whose life would you like to por­tray? — Rachel Shar­iff (Hy­der­abad)

I re­ally want to do a his­tor­i­cal film like I am a huge fan of I want to play the role of Rani Lak­shmi Bai. Be­cause I be­lieve play­ing a fe­male char­ac­ter in a man’s world is re­ally cool, or some­thing like Razia Sul­tan. If you talk about mod­ern biopics then I think Indira Gandhi is a char­ac­ter that is scream­ing for a biopic, so if I ever got that chance it would be killer. The film would only re­lease in a BJP gov­ern­ment be­cause the Congress gov­ern­ment is never go­ing to re­lease that film but that is a char­ac­ter scream­ing for a biopic. You know there are still peo­ple to­day in Ut­tar Pradesh who vote be­cause they say,

she died in 1984, and I am talk­ing aabout this in the 2014 gen­eral elec­tions - I saw this clip on tele­vi­sion. She aac­tu­ally is a very in­ter­est­ing char­ac­ter.

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