I Hope And Pray That I Keep ‘Ar­riv­ing’ Ev­ery Few Months In The In­dus­try.” – Gaua­har Khan

From be­ing the most loved star on the re­al­ity show Big­gBoss, to be­ing the Jhalla Wal­lah babe of the in­dus­try, and then mes­meris­ing the au­di­ence by be­com­ing Ru­bina of Begum Jaan. GAUA­HAR KHAN was born to be in front of the cam­era. From play­ing a sex worker

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How has your jour­ney been from your ini­tial days to 2017? My jour­ney has been fan­tas­tic. It’s been a jour­ney of what dreams are made of. A per­son who had ab­so­lutely no back­ing in the in­dus­try dared to dream to be an ac­tor in this amaz­ing world of Bol­ly­wood. I had the op­por­tu­nity and for­tune to be one of the top mod­els of the coun­try, to be­ing one of the most loved re­al­ity T.V artistes and of course, a Bol­ly­wood ac­tor. So I feel ab­so­lutely blessed.

What do you en­joy more mod­el­ling or act­ing? I never en­joyed mod­el­ling. I was look­ing at it as a point to start from. It came to me eas­ily be­cause I was spot­ted by some of the best chore­og­ra­phers in the Miss In­dia pageant and they used me in fash­ion shows and for the best of de­sign­ers. So it was a step­ping stone for me, but I never re­ally en­joyed mod­el­ling. But act­ing is just like my sec­ond skin, it’s what I’m made of, it’s what I love to do, be in front of the cam­era, to per­form, and live many char­ac­ters. It’s a high that only an ac­tor can ex­pe­ri­ence and will never be able to de­scribe.

You’ve been in the in­dus­try for sev­eral years now, how easy or difficult is it for an ac­tor to sur­vive in the in­dus­try with­out the back­ing of a God­fa­ther? It’s difficult to find the right kind of work, and to make a mark in the in­dus­try be­cause ob­vi­ously, the top spots are taken by peo­ple and they keep re­peat­ing them in ev­ery­thing. So to make your mark is difficult but even­tu­ally if you just be­lieve in your­self and know the kind of work you want to do and give your best when you get it, like the old say­ing goes, ‘slow and steady wins the race’ so yes, I’ve man­aged to carve my own lit­tle space and I hope to keep grow­ing there.

How was the BegumJaan ex­pe­ri­ence from shoot­ing to get­ting re­sponses for the char­ac­ter you por­trayed? Begum Jaan was the best ex­pe­ri­ence of my life. It was a

ful­fill­ing ex­pe­ri­ence as an ac­tor, and very re­as­sur­ing for me be­cause a di­rec­tor of that cal­i­bre, who has won na­tional awards be­lieved in me to play one of the key roles in his film. And it was a life­time op­por­tu­nity for me. Also the kind of crit­i­cal ac­claim I got for it and the love from the au­di­ence it­self was an award and re­ward for me. I’ll never be able to thank my di­rec­tor enough and of course Vidya, she’s my su­per­star.

Did you as­pire to be an ac­tress since child­hood? Yes, I al­ways as­pired to be an ac­tress. If you see my child­hood pic­tures among my sib­lings, I’m the only one pos­ing away to glory. They would stand straight as kids, and I would pose, ei­ther my hand would be on my head or my hip would be jet­ted out or my legs would be spread apart. They were weird poses, but I al­ways knew I’d be in front of the cam­era.

If not an ac­tress what would Gaua­har Khan’s pro­fes­sion be? I don’t know. I’ve never had my heart in any­thing else but this. I think I wanted to be an ac­tor so bad that God ac­tu­ally gave it to me.

If you could change one thing about the in­dus­try what would that be? I’m no­body to change any­thing in this in­dus­try. I just want to make sure that I make my mark as an ac­tor as much as I can. I don’t con­cen­trate on things that need to be changed. The only thing that I want to do is make my own world in this space.

What mat­ters more to you Bol­ly­wood camps or scripts? Def­i­nitely, scripts mat­ter more to me. I don’t think I’ve ever been a part of a camp. There’s noth­ing wrong in be­ing a part of one, in fact, I’d love to be a part of a camp that gives me great work. But it doesn’t come easy. But what makes you stand-out are the scripts. And if a di­rec­tor looks at you as a de­pen­dent ac­tor, then you’ve made your mark.

You do take up short films, would you be open to do­ing web-se­ries too? No, I don’t plan on those things. Even in short films, I take up con­cepts that are dif­fer­ent and stand out. Peanut But­ter has stood out very well, and has done so well in in­ter­na­tional film fes­ti­vals as well. So that’s what I plan to do, any work that makes a mark.

In the era of cut-throat com­pe­ti­tion, do you ever feel ner­vous? I do feel ner­vous. I mean, I have to, it’s only the

‘ner­vous en­ergy’ that helps you get bet­ter in life. But I’m not inse­cure. I feel happy when others suc­ceed and I feel that helps me to suc­ceed as well. I’ve never felt bad about others’ suc­cess. So that’s how I func­tion.

If you had the su­per power to change three things about your­self what would they be? One, I would want to get less af­fected by the things that hap­pen in the world, it takes a toll on me men­tally. Two, I would want to in­crease my pa­tience, I tend to get im­pa­tient some­times. Three, I trust too eas­ily, I’d want to trust wisely.

When asked to some they say they still have a long way to go. Do you con­sider your­self suc­cess­ful now or do you be­lieve you still have a long way to go? Yes, I’m suc­cess­ful in my own right. I want to get even more suc­cess­ful. I think my dreams are too big and I want to achieve them all. I’m not go­ing to stop striv­ing, I want to be re­silient at all times to­wards ev­ery­thing that I want to achieve.

Do you think af­ter BegumJaan ‘your time’ in the in­dus­try has ar­rived? I think Begum Jaan gave me the pat on my back that ‘Yes, I’m on the right path.’ I hope and pray that I keep get­ting these op­por­tu­ni­ties in the in­dus­try where I can prove my­self and also that I have the abil­ity to per­form in any sit­u­a­tion. So that’s what Begum Jaan gave me. I hope and pray that I keep ‘ar­riv­ing’ ev­ery few months in the in­dus­try.

They say there is never a dull day in Tin­sel Town, but when there is how do you brighten it up? Well, I think of all the abun­dance that I have in my life. I try and get grat­i­tude in my heart for ev­ery small thing, whether it’s a sip of cold wa­ter or a first class travel abroad.

You are one of those blessed women who has got it all – ta­lent, screen pres­ence, looks etc. But you still haven’t made it to the top list of stars in terms of rank­ing. Does that bother you in any way? No, it’s doesn’t bother me. It just makes me want to work harder, and be­lieve that I can achieve what­ever that is, I want to achieve it with hard work, pa­tience, and try to do my bit. That’s what I’m go­ing to do for the rest of my life. I am not in a race for any kind of a rank. I’m in a race to ex­cel, that’s all. Yes, I can do what­ever (sing, dance), it’s just a mat­ter of time of who spots me and gives me the op­por­tu­nity and I do be­lieve that there are di­rec­tors out there look­ing for pure ta­lent. How do you main­tain a bal­ance be­tween your personal and pro­fes­sional life? My point of equilib­rium is my family and they never let me get away from the re­al­ity no mat­ter how suc­cess­ful or rich I get. My mom ad­vised me to ‘stay grounded’. So that’s how I try and main­tain a bal­ance be­cause life is all about a bal­ance and if you for­get your personal com­mit­ments for your pro­fes­sional com­mit­ments then you’ll lose out on re­la­tions and if it’s the other way around, you’ll not be able to give your best at work. So yes, I think bal­ance in life is needed.

Do you also have the dream to ro­mance a top rank lead hero and dance around the trees? (The Bol­ly­wood DDLJ style) Yes, I do dream of that ev­ery day. I do want to be the quin­tes­sen­tial hero­ine, I do want to star along with my favourite ac­tors. So yes for sure, I dream of that and I dream of that hard.

What’s next in terms of your up­com­ing pro­jects? I’m still work­ing on it.

It’s difficult to make a mark in the in­dus­try be­cause the top spots are taken by peo­ple and they keep re­peat­ing in ev­ery­thing. ”

My Dreams Are Too Big And I Want To Achieve Them All.”

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