“There Are Many Peo­ple Who Are Ed­u­cated, But They Are Worse Than Pimps And Whores. ” This self-styled Madonna is no vir­gin ter­ri­tory. Over-ex­posed lit­er­ally and fig­u­ra­tively, Sonam floated into the in­dus­try on a wave of con­tro­versy and the fif­teen-year-ol

Stardust (English) - - BLAST FROM THE PAST - Words OMAR QURESHI

Yash Cho­pra who once couldn’t stop rav­ing about you, now can’t re­sist pass­ing snide re­marks ev­ery time your name is men­tioned. It’s com­mon knowledge that he’s ex­tremely up­set with the way you’ve not been able to give your best to Vi­jay only be­cause you are sign­ing films left, right and cen­tre. Now don’t you feel guilty for us­ing your god­fa­ther as a step­ping stone and then con­ve­niently kick­ing him aside? I don’t think that Yash ji is up­set with me at all. If he was, he would have come and told me him­self. He is a very frank and out­spo­ken per­son. He fights his own bat­tles. In any case he never did stop me from sign­ing more and more films. His only con­di­tion was that Vi­jay should be my first re­lease. Oth­er­wise he has no re­stric­tions on me at all. Maybe he said what he did, in a jovial mood. He is a great kid­der with a ter­rific sense

of hu­mour. Yash ji, is one who loves progress in every­body and he wouldn’t ever hin­der any­body’s progress. In fact, when­ever I sign a new film he is only too happy and gladly blesses me each time.

You seem to have rubbed a lot of big stars the wrong way. For you can­not deny that both Ra­jesh Khanna and Feroz Khan haven’t for­given you for hav­ing taken them for a mas­sive ride by promis­ing to do their films and then hap­pily ditch­ing them for Yash Cho­pra. No won­der they’ve sworn never to sign you again. I ad­mit I was sup­posed to be launched by Ra­jesh Khanna, but noth­ing was fi­nal­ized. But by the time talks of the film ac­tu­ally started. I was of­fered a role by Yash Cho­pra. And I thought that a bird in hand is def­i­nitely bet­ter than three or four run­ning around in the bush. So I signed Vi­jay. Maybe be­cause of that there was some mis­un­der­stand­ing be­tween Ra­jesh ji and me. I have heard that he is

not the for­giv­ing kind, but on the sets of Vi­jay, he be­haves per­fectly nor­mal with me. As for Feroz Khan, as far as I am con­cerned, I am still in Yaal­gaar. I know there have been re­ports say­ing that I have been re­placed by Mad­huri Dixit, but I don’t know how far they are true. Ac­cord­ing to me, I am still in the film be­cause I haven’t got any news from Feroz Khan’s of­fice in­form­ing me that I am out. At least when you throw a per­son out of a film it is the duty of the pro­ducer to in­form the star. Why should I go and ask whether I am still in the film or not? As far as I am con­cerned, I am still there be­cause the role and ev­ery­thing was nar­rated to me. Only if I am per­son­ally told that I am out will I be­lieve it.

You claim to be a mere fif­teenyear-old but you surely don’t look it at all. Ru­mour has it that you took a lot of growth in­duc­ing hor­mone in­jec­tions and pills only to in­crease your vi­tal statis­tics. Is that why you wear re­veal­ing clothes all the time to show off your well-en­dowed as­sets? Whether any­one be­lieves it or not, I am only fif­teen years old. While oth­ers try to hide their age by knock­ing off four or five years from it, I have to add two or three years to my age and tell peo­ple that I am much older. Oth­er­wise I wouldn’t even be al­lowed in an ‘adults only’ film. All my phys­i­cal growth is natural and I am not even aware of the fact that such hor­mone in­jec­tions and pills are avail­able. Will some­one please tell me where to get them? I don’t think that such things are avail­able in the first place. Be­cause for ev­ery ex­ist­ing chemical, there has to be an an­ti­dote or some­thing to re­verse it. In that case why don’t peo­ple have spe­cial in­jec­tions to make them young and healthy when they are old and ill? I am sorry to dis­ap­point ev­ery­one, but I am not used to tak­ing any such in­jec­tions. Maybe there are peo­ple who do, why do they ex­pect oth­ers also to fol­low suit. Why not ask them be­cause they are the real cul­prits?

Your manly voice is the stand­ing joke of the in­dus­try. For ac­cord­ing to cer­tain di­rec­tors it’s dif­fi­cult to dif­fer­en­ti­ate be­tween the hero’s voice and yours. How do you re­act to the fact that your dis­grun­tled pro­duc­ers have got your voice dubbed in all your films? I think my voice is per­fectly okay. In fact I quite like it. It is so dif­fer­ent from the nor­mal, or­di­nary voices. It is dis­tinct. And how can peo­ple say that it sounds bad in films? They ob­vi­ously don’t know what they are talk­ing about for I have yet to dub for any film. My voice will be heard only af­ter I have dubbed. Then, let peo­ple form their opin­ions. I will be dub­bing for my films soon and to the best of my knowledge, no one else has dubbed for me so far. Jeal­ous peo­ple just talk with­out a rea­son. Maybe they have a lot of E.S.P. and sixth sense for be­ing able to pre­dict my screen voice with­out hav­ing heard it. In that case, hat’s off to them.

All those who know you in­sist that you are very ashamed of your back­ground, es­pe­cially your il­lit­er­ate fam­ily whom you des­per­ately try to dis­own while you gaily ca­vort with your dress­de­signer aunt Sabiha who is well versed in the ways of the in­dus­try. Are you that en­am­oured by glam­our that you’ve com­pletely for­got­ten your roots? I have not dis­owned my fam­ily. I think I be­long to a very re­spectable khan­daan. Tell me what’s wrong in not be­ing ed­u­cated? As long as I have sense, I don’t need to be ed­u­cated and the same goes for my fam­ily. There are many peo­ple who are ed­u­cated, but they are worse than pimps and whores be­cause they don’t have any sense. Many of our so called lit­er­ates fit into that cat­e­gory and I look down on them. Frankly in the long run, it doesn’t re­ally mat­ter whether you are ed­u­cated or not. It doesn’t make a dif­fer­ence at all. What counts

Only if I am per­son­ally told that I am out will I be­lieve it. ”

is the in­ner­most in­stinct in your heart and mind. If you fol­low that, then you will al­ways be right. I am def­i­nitely not em­bar­rassed by the fact that I am not ed­u­cated. I think I have got more than what most have got. Even PhD’s don’t get what I’ve got at such a young age. So why should I be ashamed?

Both Saaniya and you keep tear­ing each other apart at the first op­por­tu­nity you get. In fact re­cently, you even had a show­down with her where you al­most scratched her eyes out. What has she done to you that you can­not stop hat­ing her? Who’s Saaniya? I don’t know her. I don’t know who you are talk­ing about. Re­ally! If any small-time crea­ture is bitch­ing about me then how am I to know about it? One can’t pay at­ten­tion to ev­ery small flea. And there is no ques­tion of me ever hav­ing got in­volved in a fight with her be­cause I don’t squab­ble with glo­ri­fied ju­nior artistes. I am not even aware of the ex­is­tence of a per­son called Saaniya and nei­ther is the rest of the in­dus­try. No one knows her kind of peo­ple though she goes on talk­ing about the big­wigs in the in­dus­try. As if any­one would take her se­ri­ously. I am sure that ev­ery­one is laugh­ing at her.

Farah dis­likes you. Not be­cause you have re­placed her in the Yash Cho­pra camp, but be­cause you have no in­di­vid­u­al­ity of your own. For ac­cord­ing to her you hope­lessly try to copy Rekha and make a mess of it. Com­ment. Farah may be a fiery per­son with

I am denitely not em­bar­rassed by the fact that I am not ed­u­cated. ”

a sharp tongue but her heart is in the right place. She is one per­son in the in­dus­try who is not a hyp­ocrite. She might rub peo­ple the wrong way with some of her talk but then they are peo­ple who do not un­der­stand her. She is not the kind of per­son who would back bite about any­one un­less they have done some harm to her and then she will con­front them di­rectly. So since I haven’t ever said or done anything against her, she shouldn’t be up­set with me. In fact, Farah and I even went to Dubai to­gether re­cently. Be­sides, I am also do­ing her home pro­duc­tion JeeneDo. I don’t think she would have signed me for her home pro­duc­tion if she had anything against me. In any case if she has said all those nasty things about me then I can’t help it. It is her way of think­ing and I don’t want to change her trend of thought. On my side I like her very much be­cause she has al­ways been nice to me at least on my face, on the three or four oc­ca­sions that I’ve met her.

In­sid­ers in­sist that there is a lot of ten­sion be­tween Man­dakini and you. For ever since you started strip­ping for the sil­ver screen, all of Man­dakini’s bare-all roles are be­ing passed on to you, es­pe­cially since you are will­ing to ex­pose a lot more. Now do you blame her for be­ing cut up with you? I’ve come to the in­dus­try to act and I know bet­ter than any­body else about what I am do­ing. I go about my pro­fes­sion in a way that I feel is right. I will nat­u­rally do what is best for my in­ter­est. I have to pro­tect that first. Ev­ery­thing else comes af­ter that. I am not going out of my way to cut down Man­dakini or try­ing to beat her at her own game. If I am get­ting what she would have nor­mally got, then it is en­tirely on my merit. You get roles only if you are ca­pa­ble. If not, then that is your bad luck. No, I am not say­ing that Man­dakini is not ca­pa­ble. Her first film Ram Ter­iGan­gaMaili has proved her po­ten­tial. It may have been a Raj Kapoor film. They came to see her. She should get equal credit for the hit not just Raj ji. Any­way what I’m try­ing to say is that I’ve not come here to grab po­si­tions or throw peo­ple out. I’m not here to in­ter­fere with oth­ers and I don’t ex­pect oth­ers to in­ter­fere with me.

You sure are a hard-core op­por­tunist. You took full ad­van­tage of the Govinda-Nee­lam split by catch­ing him on the re­bound, which made things only worse for him. For while Nee­lam is sign­ing film af­ter film with his ri­val Chunky Pandey, you are get­ting him to rec­om­mend you as a strong an­swer. Isn’t it cal­lous of you to play with some­one’s emo­tions? What went on be­tween Govinda and Nee­lam is per­sonal and I wouldn’t like to com­ment on any­one’s per­sonal life. As far as I am con­cerned there is no ques­tion of my play­ing one against the other in or­der to get rec­om­mended. What­ever I have got so far has been thanks to me only. How­ever I must add that if Govinda is rec­om­mend­ing me, then I am very grate­ful to him. It is very sweet of him. But know­ing Govinda, I don’t think he is the type who will spite any­body. He’s not the kind who plays games. I have worked with him in a lot of films and I found him to be a very de­cent, cul­tured and most of all a very hum­ble boy.

Hardly have you en­tered the in­dus­try than you’ve al­ready got too big for your boots. For isn’t it true that Bhap­pie Sonie hap­pily dropped you in favour of Sangeeta Bi­jlani af­ter you held up his new movie only be­cause you didn’t like the out­fits you had to wear. Aren’t you curs­ing your­self for act­ing so starry? I am not the kind of per­son who would kick up a fuss over just an out­fit. I am not made that way.

Farah may be a ery per­son with a sharp tongue but her heart is in the right place. ”

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