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Khush­boo Ti­wari & Josh Chakraborty met up with the Bad­shah of Bollywood at a press launch. His wit, charm and gen­uine­ness made him an in­stant hit. Read on to know more about why this man is truly called the King of Bollywood.

At an event, Shah Rukh Khan ‘rukh-ing’ mar­velously along­side the hot and hap­pen­ing Anushka Sharma, wear­ing noth­ing but white, per­fectly added the siz­zle to the am­bi­ence of the seafac­ing cafe. Here’s a sneak peek of the tété-a-tété with the King Khan…

How do you re­late to your ro­man­tic char­ac­ters on­screen?

I think usu­ally di­rec­tors apni zindagi mein se kuch hisse aur ex­pe­ri­ences nikaal kar char­ac­ter likhte hain. Bahut saari cheeze aisi hain jo hum baat karte waqt samajh bhi jaate hain, ki yaar hu­mare saath aisa hua hain na alag alag ja­gaho pe, so I re­late to them a lot. Ob­vi­ously when you play a char­ac­ter the space and set­ting is dif­fer­ent, but some­where the feel­ings are quite fa­mil­iar to me, both as Shah Rukh and my on­screen ro­man­tic char­ac­ters.

Do you think your re­cent choices of movies are ex­pected to match that level of ap­pre­ci­a­tion that you had got ear­lier?

See hon­estly, the thing is when you reach a cer­tain stage of film­mak­ing, be­ing so in­volved in it, I think you lose the ob­jec­tiv­ity. It’s like your own baby, so if you ask me if AbRam is more beau­ti­ful than we think he is, I’d say yes. But that is a bi­ased re­sponse and that’s how I be­lieve about all of my films. It’s our baby and it’s the most beau­ti­ful thing than any­body in this world. And God for­bid if it’s not as beau­ti­ful, it will be even dearer to us be­cause we love it so much. For us to be able to say it openly, main mar­ket ke an­dar aake bolna shuru karu ki su­per­hit pic­ture hain, mil­i­tary bu­lani padegi, paa­gal ho jaenge log, I don’t know... I hope all that hap­pens.

If the girl is as beau­ti­ful as our hero­ines, my job as a ro­man­tic hero be­comes eas­ier.”

I re­ally wish that be­cause we are all in the busi­ness. I don’t know if my movies are bet­ter or worse, just bring your heart along, and you will love it. What are your ex­pe­ri­ences while shoot­ing ro­man­tic songs? Ac­tu­ally, main bahut for­tu­nate hu. Jab bhi di­rec­tors aur mu­sic di­rec­tors mere liye gaana karte hain toh unke dil

mein ek rep­u­ta­tion si bas gayi hain ki mere gaane ache hi honge, jo ob­vi­ously meri wa­jah se bilkul nahi hain. Be­cause they al­ways work, I won’t say harder as I think every­body works very hard but they do have a spe­cial place in their heart for the songs for me. They re­ally look at me with a lot of love when they vi­su­alise a love song and jo mere saamne meri mehbooba hain jinse main pyaar karne lagta hu film mein, woh itni khub­soorat ho, toh baaki kaam

asaan ho jata hain to ex­press a song so well writ­ten and chore­ographed. I think all such songs only come out of love. There are al­ways spec­u­la­tions that per­son­ally, you aren’t fond of the so called ‘lovey­dovey’ Bollywood masala movies. Is it true?

I love mak­ing love. I don’t like watch­ing it. Toh main dekhta nahi hu, main karta

hu. (Laughs) I was told that aap phir se lover ban rahe ho, well I be­lieve I am no longer a lover, I am love! I feel and un­der­stand it.

Has it be­come eas­ier for you to ro­mance on­screen? If the girl is as beau­ti­ful as our hero­ines, my job as a ro­man­tic hero be­comes eas­ier. I just have to look at them and I feel a lot of love in­stantly.

Girls want boyfriends and hus­bands like SRK. Kabhi Gauri Khan neaapse kuchka­ha­haiki­aap un­ro­man­tic ho?

Yaar mein theekh thak hoon,

mera sense of hu­mour acha hain. Main thoda shy hoon ye baatein karne ke liye.

I’m a good com­pany, atleast I think so. I can make you smile or laugh. Kaise bolu… Yeah, I’m good. (Chuck­les) Did you miss the sig­na­ture - ‘stretch­ing of arms’ in the pre­vi­ous few films of yours? I think it is an over­sim­pli­fi­ca­tion. I would my­self play to the gal­leries if I have to do that. It’s not some­thing I do that makes or breaks me. I’ve done it in a few films and it’s be­come a thing, it even­tu­ally be­comes like a man­ner­ism of an ac­tor. Ac­tu­ally, no di­rec­tor tells me in a film, Aisa nahi karna. Aisa nahi hain ki choothte hi haath phela deta hoon main. It’s a char­ac­ter thing. I’m not going to break out of my char­ac­ter in Raees and do a move like that. Given the pa­ram­e­ter of the com­mer­cial films that I act in I still try to re­tain the char­ac­ter­i­za­tion as strongly as I can, know­ing the fact the star over­rules the char­ac­ter. But in my heart, I am still an ac­tor, how­ever small a part I get in a movie. It’s not like my hands are tied so that I don’t do that move.

You’ve worked with a lot of dif­fer­ent di­rec­tors who are known to add their own

I don’t know if my movies are bet­ter or worse, just bring your heart along, you will love it.”

If you ask me if AbRam is more beau­ti­ful than we think he is, I’d say yes. ”

flavour to ro­mance...So what do you think is dif­fer­ent in the con­cept of Im­tiaz Ali’s film? I think both Anushka and I are for­tu­nate enough to have worked with great di­rec­tors. They have a huge bend to­wards love, ro­mance, etc. When­ever I have watched Im­tiaz’s films, they have been ro­man­tic movies. But I don’t think the char­ac­ters are aware that they are in love. In fact, I feel there is some sort of in­ter­nal travel that hap­pens like soul-search­ing. And they re­al­ize that this hap­pens be­cause of the ex­is­tence of this other per­son at that time of their life. That’s when they dis­cover love. So grad­u­ally, we feel this as char­ac­ters. This is what makes it so spe­cial that we con­nect with each other. He has a very deep un­der­stand­ing of a ‘man-woman re­la­tion­ship’. Do you agree with the con­cept of reel life char­ac­ters fall­ing in love in a re­al­is­tic way on a travel jour­ney? You are watch­ing two ran­dom peo­ple in­ter­act with­out too many spikes in the mid­dle, with­out any ob­sta­cles or any ex­te­rior block points. And these char­ac­ters make a home in your heart. It’s just the sim­ple things and mo­ments. Ro­man­tic movies are about the mo­ments. Ev­ery di­rec­tor who spe­cial­izes in mak­ing love or ro­man­tic films has a depth or essence of love.

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