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One doesn’t need Chaar Bo­talVodka to be mes­mer­ized by her Desi looks. Her Glam­orous Akhiyaan and PinkLips have ro­manced the na­tion. And yes, this BabyDoll of Bollywood is here to stay and siz­zle. Redefin­ing oomph since the time she has en­tered B-town, her

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Give us five words that best de­scribe Sunny Leone. I think those would be – Hard­work­ing, Am­bi­tious, Care­free, Pro­fes­sional and Not so se­ri­ous! From Jism2 to now Baad­shaho, how has your jour­ney in Bollywood been? It’s all been a bless­ing. I have worked hard to get to this point and will con­tinue to work as long as I can. I think things will only get bet­ter as time goes by. What makes you give a nod to the film? There are so many things which make me say ‘yes’. Right from the pro­ducer, di­rec­tor, story, how the film is writ­ten, the style of the film, the kind of pro­mo­tion the pro­ducer is going to put in the film and also the mu­sic they are going to use. There are a lot of other things but these are the ba­sics which I con­sider.

Only I can de­ter­mine my destiny and how I want to live my life. Oth­ers can hit the road.”

You’ve been in the eye of the storm many times. Doesn’t it dis­cour­age you as an ac­tor or a hu­man be­ing? No, it only pro­pels me for­ward. Peo­ple who try to hate and dis­cour­age me only make me stronger and give me the courage to move for­ward. Only I can de­ter­mine my destiny and how I want to live my life. Oth­ers can hit the road be­cause it’s not going to work with me. Laughs. If there is one thing you could change about Bollywood, what would it be? Right now it would be to fig­ure out what our au­di­ences want be­cause many films are not do­ing that well and it’s sad to see so much hard work not do­ing well at the box of­fice. From Karen­jit Kaur to Sunny Leone, do you think you’ve grown as a per­son? I grow as a per­son and learn some­thing new ev­ery day. How do you deal with un­healthy crit­i­cism and con­jec­tures in your life? I ac­tu­ally don’t care. If it’s some­one I know or care about and they are not be­ing nice then, of course, I am hurt but I get over it. I ac­tu­ally don’t care about peo­ple I don’t know and I think my ac­tions can speak for that. You have an amaz­ing screen pres­ence. You have siz­zled on screen with your hit dance numbers. Do you in­tend to do more con­tent driven films? I ac­tu­ally dont un­der­stand this ques­tion that peo­ple ask. What is not con­tent for you is con­tent for me. What I like is not what you like and what you like is not what I like. Dif­fer­ent strokes for dif­fer­ent folks. All I know is that I am happy where I am. You have pub­lished an e-book of love sto­ries ti­tled Sweet Dreams and also, launched your per­fume brand last year. What next? My own cos­metic line is next. It’s called StarStruck by Sunny Leone. I cre­ated this with my team. Cre­ated and chose the for­mula of lip­sticks, lip lin­ers and lip glosses that I want to wear. I am not a brand am­bas­sador in this ven­ture, it is strictly SunCity’s and my cre­ation. So ex­cited for it! What is your mo­ti­va­tion mantra in life? I have two... Just keep push­ing for­ward and don’t look back. And sec­ondly, I am here, I am now, In the here... in the now I got this from a Bud­dhist named Thich Nanh Hunh. Al­though I might be mis­quot­ing but it’s what I re­tained from the say­ing and I say it to my­self all the time to be mind­ful of my day, hour or minute.

If you were to be a part of a biopic, who would you choose to play?

I have no idea but some­thing set in the ‘40s- ‘70s is what I would love to do.

Does be­ing a news­maker feel good? Are there pros and cons of it?

I don’t re­ally think of my­self that way. I think most en­ter­tain­ers are in the news and head­lines as much as I am.

If not an ac­tress, what would Sunny Leone have been?

A pe­di­atric nurse. And I would choose to be one as they are hands on!

What does life look life five years from now?

Heck if I know. My world changes ev­ery other day. Laughs. If I planned out my five years I know for a fact that it would be com­pletely dif­fer­ent then what I think and I want at this ex­act mo­ment. So I choose to live in the present.

What are the upcoming projects that you are work­ing on?

I have Tera In­tezaar with Ar­baaz, Splitsvilla 10 is out right now and StarStruck. There are also a cou­ple of scripts that are al­most ready and we’ll start shoot­ing soon. In ad­di­tion, there are two TV projects, out of which, one I have helped to write that should hit the floors soon and the other, I am not al­lowed to dis­close.

Con­grat­u­la­tions on your beau­ti­ful baby girl Nisha and em­brac­ing motherhood. What plans do you have re­gard­ing her and her fu­ture?

Well, the only plan at this mo­ment is to en­joy with each other, and Daniel and I are get­ting to know her. We didn’t know we were get­ting her un­til three weeks be­fore she came home. So there are still a lot of changes hap­pen­ing around the house and then our LA home and travel. So our fo­cus is to get her all set up and com­fort­able. She has al­ready started at­tend­ing school dur­ing the week and also plays one on one teacher ses­sions at home! She is a very smart girl and wants and needs to be stim­u­lated.

Peo­ple who try to hate and dis­cour­age me only make me stronger.”

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