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I re­ally ad­mire you and Sal­man. What does he think of your film and other work choices? Pradeep Sax­ena (Farid­abad)

My brother Sal­man thinks that I have far more po­ten­tial than I have shown. He says that a lot of times, ‘ Kya yaar tu ne se­ri­ously nahi liya, mehnat nahi ki utni’. But that does have a re­al­ity to it. I do feel at cer­tain points that there was a lot of scope of im­prove­ment in terms of both skills and looks which I ap­par­entlyap didn’t work on. I was probprob­a­bly happy with what I was do­ing. Kabhi kabhi luck fac­tor bhi chal jata hain. But Sal­man worked re­ally hard. I agree that my ca­reerc would have been bet­ter if I had worked a l’il ex­tra on my­selfmy­self. Also, some­times peo­ple have to ac­cept that you can’t have whawhat a Sal­man Khan has.

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