If You Want To See A Film Only For Sex, Then Watch Porn!!

This temptress is sexy, brazen and def­i­nitely, loves tap­ping into her wild side. Meet the HateS­tory 4 ac­tor Il­hana Dhillon who has re­de­fined the term ‘wild and sexy’. Read on…

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know how to re­act and I was new to the coun­try and cul­ture. It took me a while to un­der­stand what was hap­pen­ing.

What in a man turns you on?

Good smell and right at­ti­tude.

What in a man turns you off?

Bad smell and I just can’t stand show offs.

What are the three most es­sen­tial things you carry with your­self at all the time?

Hand cream, per­fume and lip balm.

What’s the mantra to im­press a girl ac­cord­ing to you?

I think you should just be nat­u­ral.

Have you ever been hit by the same sex? And what was your re­ac­tion?

Yes, by my roomie when I shifted to the States and I was kind of scan­dalised be­cause I didn’t

When was the last time a guy chased you or you chased a guy?

I think it hap­pens with me ev­ery day. I don’t think I have ever chased a guy.

Which is the most aw­ful one­liner you have come across till date?

Roses are red, vi­o­lets are blue, lava is hot and so are you. Ha ha!

I’m a very car­ing and lov­ing per­son. I be­lieve in giv­ing 100% in a re­la­tion­ship and at the same time, I don’t cling.”

What kind of a body you’d pre­fer? A volup­tuous one or a svelte bikini bod ?

I pre­fer a curvy body. I think In­dian girls are blessed to have a nat­u­ral curvy body. It looks very at­trac­tive.

A sit­u­a­tion you get awk­ward in?

I once walked into a men’s loo.

Have you ever drunk di­alled any­one?

No I haven’t.

Ladies, at time worry about their size of as­sets, what is your point of view as an ac­tor, does size re­ally mat­ters?

Well, be­ing at­trac­tive is im­por­tant in this pro­fes­sion. But that doesn’t de­pend only on the size of your as­sets. It’s a mix of ev­ery­thing, your looks, per­son­al­ity, tal­ent etc. Ev­ery suc­cess­ful ac­tor does not nec­es­sar­ily have huge as­sets. One must be com­fort­able and con­fi­dent with their body.

If you ever got into a re­la­tion­ship, would you be a doubt­ing or a chilled out girl­friend?

I think a re­la­tion­ship is all about un­der­stand­ing and trust. When you trust some­body, you don’t have to doubt but yes, I’m lit­tle possessive about peo­ple close to me but I’m not clingy.

How many times have you been cheated on?

I think this ques­tion is too per­sonal so I’ll pass.

What kind of a lover are you?

I’m a very car­ing and lov­ing per­son. I be­lieve in giv­ing 100% in a re­la­tion­ship and at the same time, I don’t cling. I be­lieve in giv­ing enough space for the other per­son to breath.

How would you like your lover to be? Hard and sleazy, wild and funny, soft and sur­pris­ing?

I think funny and sur­pris­ing.

What is the first thing you no­tice in a guy ?

His eti­quette. His shoes and wal­let not be­cause of the brands but it shows how neat the guy is. I’m a hy­giene freak so I no­tice if he is wear­ing clean shoes which means he is a neat guy, and wal­let I no­tice be­cause if his wal­let is well kept and or­gan­ised that means in real life too he is or­gan­ised.

Have you ever taken ad­van­tage of your celebrity sta­tus?

No I haven’t. I don’t be­lieve in that.

What’s your take on open re­la­tion­ships?

I don’t dis­re­spect what oth­ers think about open re­la­tion­ships but it doesn’t work for me. I feel if you can’t com­mit to one per­son, you shouldn’t be in a re­la­tion­ship at all. I don’t un­der­stand the logic be­hind open re­la­tion­ships. But ev­ery­one has their own be­liefs.

Which is the strangest place you have made out in?

Can’t think of any.

What would you pre­fer to be? A girl next door, power packed per­former or sex icon ?

Girl next door and power packed per­former.

A film you saw only for the sex in it?

I think if you want to see a film only for sex then watch porn.

What’s your idea of a per­fect date?

Ro­man­tic din­ner dur­ing sun­set at the beach with can­dles and flow­ers.

I feel if you can’t com­mit to one per­son, you shouldn’t be in a re­la­tion­ship at all.”

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