There is a rev­o­lu­tion hap­pen­ing in your tea cup and that’s due to the re­cently re­alised health ben­e­fits of green tea. So, if you have taken to sip­ping green tea as your morn­ing cuppa, and then through­out the day, you are reap­ing great health ben­e­fits and

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What’s best about brewed green tea is that it is a zero calo­rie drink if unsweet­ened. Be­sides this, green tea con­tains a much smaller amount of caf­feine, around 20-45 mg per cup, as op­posed to 50 mg in black tea and 95 mg in a cup of cof­fee. All leaves are ox­i­dized and it is this level of ox­i­da­tion of the leaves that de­ter­mines the type of tea you are drink­ing. Green tea is made from rel­a­tively un-ox­i­dized leaves and is one of the least pro­cessed forms of tea. It, there­fore, re­tains most of its an­tiox­i­dants and power-packed polyphe­nols which are nat­u­ral chem­i­cals that help the body to keep re­freshed, healthy, fit, sup­ple and im­mu­nity-packed.


Among a wide va­ri­ety of green teas on mar­ket shelves, the OR­GANIC IN­DIA stands out on many counts. First, it is grown en­tirely or­gan­i­cally, with­out any use of harm­ful pes­ti­cides, urea or chem­i­cals what­so­ever. With a unique blend of Tulsi (Rama, Kr­ishna & Vana Tulsi) and Green Tea, the OR­GANIC IN­DIA cup is full of health and taste. Thanks to the pres­ence of Tulsi, the taste i s sooth­ing. The health quo­tient takes a dou­ble leap as Tulsi, like green tea, is rich in an­tiox­i­dants. OR­GANIC IN­DIA was the first com­pany to in­tro­duce Tulsi as a pre­dom­i­nant in­gre­di­ent in an in­fu­sion­based teabag for­mat across the In­dian bev­er­age in­dus­try.


Green Tea has be­come a fast mov­ing prod­uct glob­ally be­cause of its high an­tiox­i­dants prop­er­ties and also be­cause it has been rec­og­nized as a fat burn­ing drink. Add to that its abil­ity to re­lieve stress and sort out acid­ity is­sues trig­gered by the long-time con­sump­tion of nor­mal tea with milk, and there are enough rea­sons to pick up the green tea packs from the mar­ket. The flavour­ful and en­er­gis­ing taste of each herb comes across dis­tinctly in ev­ery sip, mak­ing you go for green tea over any other tea not just for health but for taste too. Not many peo­ple like the taste of green tea. Very few know that this is not be­cause green tea tastes bad but be­cause they have ei­ther been con­sum­ing stale or bad qual­ity tea.


Re­cently, OR­GANIC IN­DIA launched its en­tirely new which be­came an in­stant hit and is in high de­mand. OR­GANIC IN­DIA is the first com­pany to launch Turmeric Tea with a blend of Tulsi and Gin­ger. The unique and ir­re­sistible aroma, health ben­e­fits and taste of OR­GANIC IN­DIA’s Tulsi Tea range taste has thrown up de­mand from ev­ery cor­ner of the na­tion, com­pelling the com­pany to widen its fo­cus from met­ros and mini met­ros to ex­pand its re­tail­ing reach to all states in the coun­try.


Back in In­dia, OR­GANIC IN­DIA is helm­ing the green tea rev­o­lu­tion by help­ing small and mar­ginal farm­ers to grow Tea & Tulsi or­gan­i­cally so that the full health po­ten­tial of the brew is re­alised. OR­GANIC IN­DIA brings to the mar­ket, a va­ri­ety of 15 healthy tulsi teas with real taste, aroma and health and the com­pany is proud to sell a prod­uct that has vir­tu­ally no side-ef­fects. So, if you want to destress, en­er­gize and re­fresh your senses, go for and its cup full of im­mu­nity boost­ers.

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