Why Aamir Khan’s Phone Call From LA Made Boney Kapoor Weep?

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Boney Kapoor has still to get over his grief over the demise of his bet­ter half, ac­tress Sridevi. It is not rare for the pro­ducer to shed tears while re­call­ing the events in Dubai on 24th Fe­bru­ary, the day he reached Jumeirah Emi­rates Tower Hotel where Sridevi was putting up, af­ter a cou­ple of hours of which he found her dead body in the bath­tub of their bath­room. But Boney was in­con­solable when Aamir Khan called him up to from Los An­ge­les on 3rd March to pay his con­do­lences. Aamir was out of sta­tion and, there­fore, could not per­son­ally visit Boney when the lat­ter reached In­dia with Sridevi’s mor­tal re­mains. Aamir did call Boney a cou­ple of times but, quite un­der­stand­ably, Boney missed his calls. Re­al­is­ing that Boney would be both, dis­traught and busy with the last rites once he landed in In­dia. Aamir de­cided to tele­phone him af­ter a cou­ple of days. He was re­turn­ing from Los An­ge­les on 3rd March and called up Boney on his way to the LA air­port to in­form him that af­ter land­ing from LA on 4th, he would visit Boney straight from the Ch­ha­tra­p­ati Shivaji In­ter­na­tional Air­port. Over the tele­phone, Boney and Aamir got talk­ing about the un­for­tu­nate demise when the former started to re­count the chain of events in brief, lead­ing to the hor­ri­fy­ing end. Hear­ing this, Aamir in­stantly re­called how a very dear friend of his had, a cou­ple of years ago, almost lost his wife in the bath­tub.

Aamir went on to nar­rate the scary in­ci­dent to Boney. It had so hap­pened that Aamir’s close friend was on a hol­i­day abroad with his wife. While there, the wife had one day gone to the bath­room for a bath in the tub. Not hav­ing much to do, the hus­band, af­ter a while, en­tered the bath­room, want­ing to chat with the wife while she bathed in the tub. To his shock, he saw about half his wife’s face, in­clud­ing the nose, sub­merged in the wa­ter. Call­ing her out by her name, the man saw her stare at him blankly and make some fee­ble sounds. Won­der­ing what was hap­pen­ing, the man shouted out to his wife, ran to­wards her and sill scream­ing her name, pulled her out of the bath­tub. The wife could barely stand. On be­ing asked what had hap­pened, all the wife could say meekly was, “I don’t know what hap­pened, I don’t know what hap­pened.” She looked half­con­scious. The vis­i­bly shaken hus­band sat his wife down for a few min­utes till she felt bet­ter. “What had hap­pened,” said Aamir to Boney, “was that my friend’s wife suf­fered from low blood pres­sure, and when she lay in the bath­tub in ex­tremely hot wa­ter, with her en­tire body, ex­cept her head, in the wa­ter, the blood pres­sure went fur­ther down. This made the blood rush down from her head (which was not in the hot wa­ter) to the lower parts of her body, mak­ing her feel giddy and semi-con­scious. The doc­tor told the cou­ple that be­cause of the low blood pres­sure and the con­se­quent flow of blood from her head to the other parts of the body which were in­side the hot wa­ter, she could have lost com­plete con­scious­ness and drowned in the tub. Had the hus­band not en­tered the bath­room, he would have, in all prob­a­bil­ity, lost his wife that day as she would have drowned in the wa­ter.” Aamir added, “The wife would not even have got a chance to shout for help or scram­ble to come out of the bath­tub as she would not have re­alised that she had drowned, be­cause of her un­con­scious state.” On hear­ing this, Boney started to cry in­con­solably on the tele­phone. Re­vealed Aamir, “I feel, while I was nar­rat­ing the in­ci­dent of my friend’s wife, Boney was prob­a­bly imag­ing how Sride­viji, in sim­i­lar cir­cum­stances as my friend’s wife, must have drowned to her death. He was so shaken that he was sob­bing like a child, on the tele­phone. Aamir paci­fied Boney and promised to see him on land­ing in In­dia in less than 24 hours there­after. Aamir was by Boney’s side in his house. The ac­tor called on Boney be­fore go­ing home from the air­port, af­ter land­ing in In­dia on 4th.

Aamir in­stantly re­called how a very dear friend of his had, a cou­ple of years ago, almost lost his wife in the bath­tub.”

Med­i­cal Jar­gon Proves “Ac­ci­den­tal Drown­ing In The Bath Tub” is Plau­si­ble…

Re­ally tragic. But as we speak, more and more such cases are com­ing to light. Re­cently, a prom­i­nent so­cialite in Mum­bai who suf­fered from low blood pres­sure col­lapsed af­ter in­hal­ing the hot fumes from a steamy bath. Luck­ily, she was saved in the nick of time. Suren­der Bha­tia from Film In­for­ma­tion, fur­ther re­vealed in it that “Cer­tain find­ings of med­i­cal re­search by the Depart­ment of Le­gal Medicine, Yoko­hama City Univer­sity School of Medicine re­ported 303 cases of death while tak­ing a bath, which in­cluded 147 cases of sud­den death and 151 cases of ac­ci­den­tal death in one sin­gle year in Ja­pan. The study ob­served that a de­crease in blood pres­sure caused tran­sient cere­bral is­chemia, and if loss of con­scious­ness oc­curred as a re­sult of a drop in blood pres­sure, pa­tients may have died of drown­ing due to this loss of con­scious­ness.” He fur­ther said, “It is spec­u­la­tion again, but maybe not ma­li­cious, or prob­a­bly just a fair as­sump­tion that one of the ma­jor cases of Sridevi’ ac­ci­den­tal drown­ing’ was salt or lack of it. If it is ac­cepted that Sridevi lost con­scious­ness or rather fainted in the bath­tub, and sub­se­quently drowned, it could well be be­cause her blood pres­sure was low to be­gin with, and in hot bath wa­ters, widely at vari­ance with the cool­ness of her bed­room/liv­ing room, it fell fur­ther and caused the fa­tal faint­ing spell.” …Alas, as Wil­liam Shakea­s­peare states ‘The gloomy shade of death’ has taken one of our beloved su­per­stars Sridevi from us much be­fore her time. She was just 54. But as Boney Kapoor in his open let­ter says, “The cur­tains never come down on an ac­tor’s life be­cause they shine on the sil­ver screen for­ever.” In­deed, Sridevi will al­ways live on…

The cur­tains never come down on an ac­tor’s life be­cause they shine on the sil­ver screen for­ever.” — Boney Kapoor

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