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PULKIT SAM­RAT has been qui­etly weav­ing his magic in B-Town and com­ing out with some in­ter­est­ing per­for­mances. And this Pun­jabi munda’s lat­est film 3Storeys, a thriller drama, is in­deed dif­fer­ent. To know more, read on...

Stardust (English) - - COVER STORY - Words HEMA SINGH

Tell us about your ex­pe­ri­ence of working in 3Storeys? The ex­pe­ri­ence has been very great. I got a chance to work with Renuka ji, a very in­ter­est­ing cast, Ar­jun as a di­rec­tor has di­rected and writ­ten the film. I feel that film is re­ally amaz­ing. So I am very happy and con­tented with the film which nor­mally doesn’t hap­pened so eas­ily but in this case, be­ing a part of this project, it just turned out to be very spe­cial film for me.

You’ve com­pleted six years in the in­dus­try, how does it feel? It is al­ways feels like day one! When you face the camera, utni toh phath ti hai hame­sha and I pray, ki shot theek jaana chahiye. The di­rec­tors ex­pects you to work hard and you should try to pere­form be­yond that, and give your best. If you think che saal ho gaye 16 saal ho gaye, 20 saal ho gaye, itne num­ber of years tabhi suc­cess­ful hote hai, jab aap ev­ery day set pe ac­cha kaam kare. This is some­thing I learnt from Rishi Kapoor ji when I was working with him dur­ing Sanam Re and though I have not had a chance to work with Mr Bachchan yet, but I have heard a lot about him be­ing a ded­i­cated ac­tor. If these stal­warts of the in­dus­try can still be so ex­cited in front of the camera, then I think that’s the first thing you should pick up.

Out of all your films, which one would you cat­e­gorise as your favourite film? My favourite film is Fukrey.

Did you come across any ob­sta­cles in your ini­tial days? I don’t know, I wouldn’t call any­thing an ob­sta­cle. I think it’s a nor­mal part of life to get out of you com­fort zone and sell your­self as a prod­uct to some­body. You may also get re­jected but then you have to ac­cept it and move ahead. And grad­u­ally you will get ac­cepted, and ev­ery­thing will fall into place. So that’s a nor­mal process and you can ei­ther take it too hard and start sulk­ing, or you can sim­ply learn from ev­ery re­jec­tion and try to turn the re­jec­tion into ac­cep­tance.

Can you name some ac­tors you want to work with? I would love to work with Ka­mal Haasan sir. I ad­mire him since my child­hood and he is one of the rea­sons that I wanted to be an ac­tor. I re­ally love his work.

How was it working with Renuka Sha­hane? It was fab­u­lous yaar, mat­lab just look at her! You know, aap log toh ab dekh rahe ho naa , mere liye itne ex­cite­ment thi ki itne saal baad I am get­ting to see her. And see­ing her as a part of this is a dif­fer­ent thing like I would have seen the trailer not be­ing the part of the film I would say arey Renuka

Sha­hane is sim­ply wow… She is look­ing su­perb in this film and has done an out­stand­ing job. I am too small to say that but all I can say is that. So you can imag­ine my ex­cite­ment level that I got a chance to work with her.

Can you de­scribe your role in this movie? There is a guy called Vi­las, and when you meet Vi­las, like even if you see the trailer, there is some­thing in­trigu­ing about him. You know some­body is por­trayed to be jolly in the film, some­body is little ag­gres­sive in the film, while some­body is sad. But Vi­las comes with a little mys­tery. When he comes and meets Flory aunty (Renuka Sha­hane ji), there is a cer­tain mys­tery ka bag­gage that he is com­ing with and that’s a very in­ter­est­ing an­gle to the char­ac­ter. I think that’s the rea­son I kind of en­joyed it a lot.

What are the gen­res you want to work on? I think I want to work in all kind of gen­res. Agar ek hi gen­res mein kaam karna hai to kaam kar ke mat­lab kya hai?

What are you fu­ture plans? I don’t know yaar. I never plan for the fu­ture. I just en­joy my present. Like I work with hope and en­joy the process, that’s it. Abhi itna plan­ning sab hota nahi hai, itni choti se life mein do-teen baar plan kar ke dekh liya hai kuch nahi hota hai, kuch na kuch jhatka he lagta hai( Laughs).

What are your ex­pec­ta­tions from this film?

I would love to work with Ka­mal Haasan sir.”

I think peo­ple are go­ing to like it. When they leave the the­atre af­ter watch­ing the film, they’ll come out with a smile. And I am telling you this is my first-hand ex­pe­ri­ence be­cause when I watched the film, I came out with a smile. It’s turns you on. I will not say much but I just want to say I love the film. It’s got a very beau­ti­ful story, very nice nar­ra­tive, the back­ground mu­sic is a ma­jor part of the story telling. And the way Ar­jun has made it and put ev­ery­thing to­gether is nice. I think I am very happy to be a part of this film. Who has been your in­spi­ra­tion through­out your jour­ney? It has to be Ka­mal Haasan sir. Since child­hood, mat­lab con­sciously or sub­con­sciously, he is that one per­son from Sadma, Appu Raja, Chachi 420 and so many other films who keeps me go­ing. He is a new per­son like ev­ery time. You can’t fit him into a sin­gle mould.

Any mes­sage for your Star­dust read­ers?

Just keep do­ing what­ever you be­lieve in and keep your­self busy. Log aise hi nahi boltey khali di­maag shaitaan ka ghar hota hai. Just take one step to­wards your goal that you have in your mind. And that one step is more than enough. And when ev­ery day you take that one step, you will fi­nally reached the desti­na­tion but do not get en­tan­gled in the moh-maya of this world, just en­joy the process. Once you are happy and en­joy­ing, ev­ery­thing falls into place.

I never plan for the fu­ture. I just en­joy my present.”

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