" A Turn Off Would Be to KISS 'N' Tell "

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She’s su­gar ‘n’ spice, and ev­ery­thing nice! Yes, we’re talk­ing about the su­per sexy AN­GIRA DHAR. From working be­hind the scenes to siz­zling on­screen in the web­series BangBaa­jaBaarat and now be­ing the lead in the film LovePerSquareFoot, she surely knows to strike the right chords. Meet­ing her on a lazy af­ter­noon and hav­ing a masaledaar con­ver­sa­tion was in­deed fun. Read on…

How did you be­come an ac­tor? The act­ing ka keeda was al­ways there in me. It’s just that be­cause I was raised in an aca­dem­i­cally in­clined fam­ily, I could never ac­tu­ally tell my par­ents or friends. You know how it is, you have to do your MBA or CA. I al­ways wanted to be­come an ac­tor and had that keeda in me but couldn’t own up to it. Be­cause I didn’t have any kind of act­ing or the­atre train­ing, I en­rolled my­self in a Film and TV course from Xavier In­sti­tute of Com­mu­ni­ca­tions to un­der­stand more about the process. And be­fore the com­ple­tion of my diploma, I joined a

pro­duc­tion house. A lot of peo­ple asked me to be in front of the camera which I was not re­ally very sure of. But there was a point in my life when I just opened up and ac­cepted my re­al­ity. It was at that time that I was sit­ting in a café and cast­ing di­rec­tor Shanoo Sharma hap­pened to be there and I didn’t know her back then. She asked me if I was an ac­tor and I replied that I could be one! I did not say I am not an ac­tor. Be­cause that’s how pos­i­tive I was about it. That’s how she got in touch with me and that’s how I au­di­tioned and got through Yash Raj... That hap­pened af­ter the Cad­bury ad. My growth and this process has been pretty nat­u­ral and or­ganic. I am thank­ful that things are hap­pen­ing for me.

How did BangBa­jaaBaraat hap­pen and how did Loveper Square­Foot hap­pen? I was with Yash Raj when they were mak­ing a web­series and I just heard a syn­op­sis of it. I got a chance to work on it be­hind the scenes and gave an au­di­tion for it as well. I was called for a three-hour long au­di­tion with Honey sir separately and also had a longer au­di­tion with Anand Tiwari. I feel au­di­tions are just a means to know your­self, whether you are ca­pa­ble of tak­ing on the role or not. Be­ing an out­sider, what is your take on nepotism? I am very new to the busi­ness so I don’t know if it has hap­pened to me be­cause it could have and I may have not no­ticed it! There is the whole nepotism bit, it ac­tu­ally pre­vails ev­ery­where. Mat­lab if my fa­ther has a busi­ness, I will even­tu­ally be­come the heir to it. I don’t blame any­one for it as it is the nat­u­ral course of ac­tion for them but for me, I know it is dif­fi­cult but I need to make a place for my­self. Also, I feel that if you do your job well, then you will def­i­nitely land up in a good place.

Tell us three things that the world doesn’t know about An­gira Dhar? Three things that you don’t know about me are: I don’t cook, I al­ways wanted to learn per­cus­sions and that I am a Kash­miri Pan­dit, peo­ple think that I am a Bengali!

If not an ac­tor, what would you have been? A di­rec­tor.

The projects you have picked up till now are very youth cen­tric. Have you specif­i­cally wanted to choose such top­ics or are you ready to move on for more? I want to tap into many gen­res and don’t want to stick to one. Although it is great, the stuff which I have been do­ing is very youth cen­tric and I be­lieve that as ac­tors, we have a big re­spon­si­bil­ity to­wards the youth as we be­long to that cat­e­gory. I want to project things that could get the youth in­spired.

Which genre would you like to ex­per­i­ment with next? I would like to do ev­ery­thing. I would like to do a thriller, a film on road trips and I would re­ally like to do solid roles like a solid script. A solid script is the spine of ev­ery film. It can ac­tu­ally make or break a film, it is like the hero of the film.

I feel that if you do your job well, then you will def­i­nitely land up in a good place.”

What are the five things you carry with you all the time? My house keys, phone, car keys, wal­let and my hair scrunchy.

Any health and beauty tips which you would like to give our read­ers? I feel it is very im­por­tant to be happy and drink a lot of wa­ter and ex­er­cise.

One thing which you swear by? It has to be Amla! It gives you a lot of Vi­ta­min C in your body and I def­i­nitely rec­om­mend it to peo­ple.

Who ac­cord­ing to you are the sex­i­est ac­tors in the in­dus­try? The sex­i­est ac­tor in our film in­dus­try has to be Ak­shay Ku­mar and the sex­i­est hero­ine is Ka­t­rina Kaif.

One Bol­ly­wood ac­tor you have a crush on. That has to be Shah Rukh Khan.

What is your idea of a per­fect date? A per­fect date would be in the com­forts of my or any­one’s home. And there has to be great wine, food, mu­sic, a good film and a lot of con­ver­sa­tion.

What in a man turns you on? A turn on in a man would be the surety he comes with. It is very rare to find a per­son who is sure.

What in a man turns you off? A turn off would be to kiss ‘n’ tell.

If you had a su­per­power, what would it be? It would be like the su­per­power to fly. I want to see ev­ery­thing from a height.

What is your idea of love? Love would be hav­ing a 50-50 part­ner­ship, that is in ev­ery­thing.

Have you ever been hit on by the same sex? What was your re­ac­tion? Yes, I have been. I was pretty taken aback. I was like I don’t know if this is my scene right now. I didn’t run away from it as I felt that it was fair that a per­son is at­tracted to you, be it from any sex.

When was the last time a guy chased you? Or you chased a guy? If the per­son reads it, it is go­ing to be crazy! There was this one guy who I re­ally liked and I hope he doesn’t read this in­ter­view. I sent him a book and I am not a per­son who will do this gen­er­ally but it was re­ally weird for me. It was a long dis­tance thing so it was eas­ier. It wasn’t re­ally a chase but this is not at all me!

Ladies at times worry about the size of their as­sets, what is your point of view as an ac­tor, does size re­ally mat­ter? Your work and per­son­al­ity does!

What would you pre­fer to be: the girl next door, a power packed per­former or a sex icon? A power packed per­former.

What did the word sex mean to you when you were 15, and now? I don’t know if I should di­vulge this in­for­ma­tion. Sex at

The sex­i­est ac­tor in our film in­dus­try has to be Ak­shay Ku­mar.”

15 was un­known to me and now it’s known to me! Or rather I know more about it now.

Have you ever gone out with some­one dou­ble your age? Not ex­actly dou­ble my age but def­i­nitely some­one who is a decade older than me.

What kind of guy do you pre­fer: Lean and slen­der or bulky? A lean and sporty guy.

Which is the aw­ful one liner you have come across till date? I don’t ac­tu­ally re­mem­ber. It was prob­a­bly so bad that I’ve for­got­ten it!

Have you ever drunk di­aled any­one? Never!

What kind of a body would you pre­fer? A volup­tuous one or a svelte bod? A sporty one as I think that is what my nat­u­ral course of body change would be!

The most awk­ward sit­u­a­tion you have faced till date. I have had a lot of them. I meet peo­ple who I have met be­fore and I don’t re­mem­ber them. It hap­pens to me all the time. It is not that I don’t want to re­mem­ber them but it just doesn’t reg­is­ter.

Have you been ever cheated? Yes.

Are you lucky in love or lucky in cards? I think both!

What is the first thing you no­tice in a guy? His eyes.

How would you want your lover to be – wild and funny or soft and sur­pris­ing? Wild and funny. I like peo­ple with a great hu­mor. They are amaz­ing!

Have you ever taken ad­van­tage of your celebrity sta­tus? No, never! I don’t even know what that means!

What is your take on open re­la­tion­ships? I don’t know about open re­la­tion­ships as I haven’t sub­scribed to one.

What are the projects you are cur­rently working on? I am read­ing a lot of good stuff and meet­ing a lot of peo­ple, so you shall soon know!

If you could live some­one else’s life for a day, who would it be and why? I would re­ally like to live Michael Jack­son’s life for a day and maybe an as­tro­naut’s life too, pro­vided there is a guar­an­tee to come back!

Sex at 15 was un­known to me and now it’s known to me!”

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