In Con­ver­sa­tion With... Renuka Sha­hane

The HumAapKeHaiKaun Ac­tor Renuka Sha­hane is back af­ter a 14-year hia­tus. What made her take such a long break from the in­dus­try? Read on as she talks about her come­back, fun, ex­pe­ri­ence so far and more…

Stardust (English) - - COVER STORY - Words HEMA SINGH

Could you tell us some­thing more about your char­ac­ter in 3Storeys? It was a very mys­te­ri­ous char­ac­ter. Flory Men­doza is a lady who has aged not grace­fully. Flory aunty would never agree with any­body and that is her ba­sic char­ac­ter. But there is some­thing deep down in­side her which def­i­nitely un­folds over the pe­riod of the story and it shows that there is much more to her than just a happy rolly polly sort of char­ac­ter that ev­ery­body’s fond of. So there are some deep dark se­crets that she car­ries with her which is why I think she let her­self go. She lives alone and is a very mys­te­ri­ous char­ac­ter but you don’t get to know the en­tire mys­tery till the very end. It’s a won­der­ful role to play. So, how did you play such an in­tense role? Ahmm…Firstly I was ac­tu­ally given an in­tense makeup ses­sion for me to look that old, un­well and un­kempt. So we needed a proper pros­thetic makeup. My makeup and cos­tumes were done by Se­rina Men­doza and Subeda Khan. We then had a work­shop with Atul Mon­gaya. It re­ally helped be­cause he would make us im­pro­vise many things which were so ran­dom and not in the film. It was as if I was liv­ing that char­ac­ter so I know how she would be­have in that sit­u­a­tion. I was very com­fort­able with my char­ac­ter.

How was it working in this movie? Arey it was fab­u­lous. I had max­i­mum scenes with Pulkit, Richa, and Ma­sumeh and it was such fun. I never felt that this was Ar­jun’s first film be­cause he was so sure what he wanted. There were no pres­sures on us. Priya Sreed­ha­ran was also there on the sets. She is the pro­ducer of this film and had a good set up. I am not a night per­son and all our shoot­ing ba­si­cally was done at night very of­ten. But even then, I was so ex­cited about 3Storeys and the peo­ple I was working with. I re­ally en­joyed it a lot. It was a won­der­ful ex­pe­ri­ence with them. We are see­ing you af­ter some time. How does it feel com­ing back af­ter this hia­tus? I think it’s a great feel­ing be­cause it brings more fresh­ness to the view­ers, see­ing me af­ter a long time. So, woh thoda sa ex­tra sort of love they gave me.

What are your fu­ture plans? I would love to di­rect a movie, the script is ready. So just wait­ing for my son’s 10th stan­dard to get over with and then I will scout for a pro­ducer and of course, I’m open to un­usual roles like in 3Storeys. May be I will get tik­dam type of roles af­ter this (Laughs).

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