Ju­uhi Bab­bar Sonii

Af­ter a break of 12 years, Ju­uhi Bab­bar Sonii has fi­nally made her come­back on the big screen with Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary. Read on as the ac­tor talks to Divya Ramnani about her ca­reer, fam­ily and much more…

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You have re­turned on the big screen af­ter a break of 12 years. Any par­tic­u­lar rea­son? I wasn’t re­ally get­ting good work and I be­lieve it’s bet­ter to be with­out work than to be known for work that is medi­ocre about which when you look back, you feel ter­ri­ble about and say ‘omg yeh maine kya kiya tha?. And I had thought that when my son Im­man turns five, I would con­sider do­ing films again. There had been a lot of film of­fers in be­tween the time I was ex­pect­ing Im­man and when he was just born, so ob­vi­ously I couldn’t do it. Tele­vi­sion of­fers have been too many but I haven’t taken any­thing be­cause I didn’t want to work for long hours and wasn’t keen in do­ing the kind of work of­fered. And be­fore Im­man could turn five, I guess it was some kind of telepa­thy be­tween Neeraj sir and me, and one day, he sud­denly called (laughs).

How did Aiyaary hap­pen? Neeraj sir called me one day and said that he wanted to meet me and asked me to do the film. And I was like what would I have to do be­cause these days with due re­spect, ev­ery­body wants an au­di­tion. But he said ‘You just have to say yes’. I thought ab bolenge au­di­tion ab bolenge read­ing, but noth­ing at all. Isn’t that won­der­ful? Not be­cause he said, ‘yes’ or wanted me but be­cause as a di­rec­tor, he just knows what he wants. I am the face he sees op­po­site Manoj as Ab­hay and I am the Priya he wants, so he was clear in his head. Once I was fi­nalised and my dates were locked, af­ter that he did my look test.

How was Manoj as a co-star? I couldn’t ask for a bet­ter co-star. God has been ex­tremely kind to me. Firstly, I get a di­rec­tor like Neeraj Pandey and then he gives me a co-ac­tor like Manoj Ba­j­payee, it can’t any get bet­ter! He was so sup­port­ive and en­cour­ag­ing, he didn’t make me feel like I am working af­ter 12 long years even for a sec­ond. There was a great com­fort level. He has his own rap­port with my dad, brother and hus­band be­cause they have worked to­gether at dif­fer­ent points of time in the past.

Share your ex­pe­ri­ence of working with Neeraj Pandey? He is such a dis­ci­plinar­ian but he has a great sense of hu­mour as well. And Neeraj sir and Manoj have worked to­gether a cou­ple of times in the past, they share a great bond. They used to crack a lot of funny jokes and kept in­clud­ing me, which made the at­mos­phere very funny and light for me.

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