The Length Of The Role Doesn’t Mat­ter As Long As It Has Sub­stance To It.

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He’s one ac­tor who never fails to im­press. Be it on the sil­ver screen or off it, BOBBY DEOL has been a real gent and, how! The pow­er­ful ac­tor, who had been se­lec­tive about his work for quite some­time, is now back with a bang! Right from his smoul­der­ing hot body to dhaasu dia­logues, Bobby Deol is in­deed rac­ing ahead. Read on as the dash­ing Bobby Deol talks to Shar­bani Mukher­jee about his lat­est film Race3, ca­reer, friend­ship and more…

What made you say yes to Race3? I haven’t worked so much in the last three to four years. Poster Boys came my way which was a very dif­fer­ent kind of film. The char­ac­ter was that of a small town school teacher. The au­di­ences have seen me ear­lier in thrillers and glam­our­ized roles and this op­por­tu­nity sud­denly came my way. And I re­ally en­joyed do­ing it. And then I did Yamla Pagla Dee­wana 3 and then I was just look­ing for a big break. My fans want to see me do­ing thriller and ac­tion and that’s what Race 3 is all about. I am re­ally grate­ful to Sal­man for Race 3 be­cause he wanted me to do this film and I got it be­cause of him. Con­grat­u­la­tions on such a hot body, we’ve heard that Sal­man Khan now calls you “Body Deol”. How did you ac­quire such a physique? I started pre­par­ing my­self and tak­ing care of my body and took a lot of care of what I ate. I was do­ing Poster Boys at that time and got re­ally into fit­ness then. Af­ter that, I got a call from Sal­man and he of­fered me the script of Race 3. And then he put me on to his trainer, his name is Rakesh and I started train­ing with him. And I re­ally pushed my­self. I only had a few months to pre­pare my­self for the role. It was great fun and I have re­al­ized that I now re­ally en­joy go­ing to the gym. Is there any back­story be­hind Sal­man and you ad­dress­ing each other as “mamu” and why do you call him “an­gel mamu”? I call him mamu be­cause we go back a long time. We started our ca­reers to­gether, al­most around the same time. We were train­ing al­most at the same time to be­come ac­tors and he has al­ways been that ad­ven­tur­ous kind of guy. I call him an an­gel be­cause he is an an­gel. He has gone out of the way for me. He came into my life one and a half year back and has stood by me and saw to it that I was a part of Race 3. He is re­ally a self­less man. He does it for a lot of peo­ple around him, it is a very rare qual­ity that peo­ple nowa­days have. He is an an­gel not just for me but many oth­ers as well. I feel very blessed that I know him,and that he is a part of my life. The scene where the both of you walk to­wards the cam­era is amaz­ing. How was the ex­pe­ri­ence? The first thing he asked me be­fore we started to shoot was that, ‘ Mamu, shirt utarega?” And I said, ‘ Mamu, main kuch bhi karunga’. I am re­ally lucky and I am work­ing re­ally hard and I feel that when you fo­cus, your pos­i­tive en­ergy at­tracts peo­ple. I just want to work, work and work. I don’t want

What Sal­man as a pro­ducer has tried to do is give the au­di­ence a com­plete en­ter­tainer.”

to think much about fail­ure or hits, noth­ing is go­ing to come in the way of my work now. I just want to work every day of my life. Was there any kind of chal­lenge that you had to go through while pre­par­ing for the role? It is a chal­lenge every time you do a film. The work­ing con­di­tions are chal­leng­ing. We work in the most ex­treme heat and the most ex­treme cold. We also shot in places like Ladakh at ex­tremely high al­ti­tudes and I can’t han­dle high al­ti­tudes. It was pain­ful and it took me two days to get ac­cli­ma­tized. We also shot in Jaisalmer when it was al­most 49 de­grees. But that’s the fun of be­ing an ac­tor. Peo­ple think that we have a very comfy life even when we are shoot­ing. No one re­al­izes that the whole unit goes through this process, be it the light man, the cam­era depart­ment and the di­rec­tion depart­ment, the stars. Ev­ery­body has a tough life. It’s just that no­body sees that and I hope peo­ple re­al­ize the hard­work which goes into mak­ing movies. I know some­times they get dis­ap­pointed see­ing a movie, but given a chance and if they look at it care­fully, they’ll un­der­stand the hard­work.

Peo­ple said that I wasn’t work­ing be­cause I was lazy.”

How was it shar­ing screen space with Anil Kapoor? Oh, he has su­perb en­ergy man! I mean the amount of en­ergy he has is tremen­dous. He was the youngest in our gang. I have seen him when my brother was work­ing with him and I was still in col­lege. And when I worked with him, I saw that he never gives up and is not tired and he is very sweet and it’s al­ways fun work­ing with him. He is al­ways com­ing up with funny things.

How was it work­ing with the other mem­bers of your gang? It was amaz­ing work­ing Saqib. I used to play cricket with him ear­lier and I started call­ing him Munna be­cause I thought his name was Munna but then he told me that his name was not Munna but Saqib. We laughed about it and I said that ‘ Koi nahi, par tu ab Munna ban gaya hai mere liye’. I have worked with Daisy when she was a chore­og­ra­pher and I am re­ally happy for her be­cause she has come a long way. I met Jac­que­line for the first time dur­ing this film and she is one per­son who is very fo­cused. And, I have worked with Remo when he was a dancer and then as a chore­og­ra­pher and the next thing I know I am work­ing with him in Race3 as a direc­tor. He is so down to earth and so chilled out. I mean the whole team, like Freddy and even Sharat Sax­ena were very sweet when I met him. And of course Ramesh Tau­rani. I

I have al­ways been fond of Saqib.”

have done a few films with him be­fore. I said, ‘ Ramesh ji, aapb­hool gayethey­mu­jhe?’ He said, ‘ Nahi, Bobby’ and I thank him for giv­ing me Race 3.

How was it work­ing with Remo as a direc­tor?

He is ex­tremely chilled out and he knows what he is do­ing. He is very se­cure and sure about his work. It’s never an easy job when you make a movie with Sal­man Khan as a lead star and other stars like Anil Kapoor and the rest of us. It’s not easy han­dling the stars in such a big movie but he is awe­some, he’s done great work ear­lier. So I am re­ally happy to see peo­ple who’ve strug­gled ear­lier reach where they’re to­day.

Ac­cord­ing to you, what are the pros and cons of a multi-star­rer?

The pros and cons are the same for every movie. It is just how hard you work. Pros in this film are that Sal­man is in the film and there are a lot of char­ac­ters in this film and Race in it­self is the fran­chise. Peo­ple are re­ally ex­cited to see it but it’s just that peo­ple start ex­pect­ing too much and peo­ple then get up­set as they ex­pect too much. What Sal­man as a pro­ducer has tried to do is give the au­di­ence a film which has got ev­ery­thing from ac­tion to mu­sic to fam­ily emo­tions, a com­plete en­ter­tainer kind of film.

How is your char­ac­ter Yash in the film like? How is he dif­fer­ent from the roles you’ve por­trayed be­fore?

Race is such a film where you can­not de­scribe the char­ac­ter. Be­cause there’s ac­tion, thriller and so much to it that say­ing any­thing about the char­ac­ter would be re­veal­ing the story. I would say I am ex­cited to be a part of a big film af­ter a long time!

Sal­man said, ‘ Mamu, shirt utarega?’”

(laughs) I have played char­ac­ters which have been very styl­ized, glam­our­ized, and very suave and that’s ex­actly what my fans want to see. The movies that I have done be­fore like Bic­choo or Hum­raaz, all these films have had very styl­ized char­ac­ters. My fans miss that and they want to see some­thing like that and to do a role which gives them some­thing like that is very ex­cit­ing.

Who did you bond the most with on the sets?

I bonded with ev­ery­body. We all were one big happy fam­ily. And I think we all met more of­ten in the gym. And es­pe­cially Saqib. He is a sweet­heart, we used to work out to­gether and some­times, he even used to come to my house to work­out with me and it was great fun. We had bonded dur­ing the Celebrity Cricket League and I have al­ways been very fond of him.

What are your ex­pec­ta­tions from this film?

I’ve worked re­ally hard and I am pos­i­tive but the rest is up to the au­di­ence. I am sure they will not be dis­ap­pointed.

Do you get but­ter­flies in your stom­ach be­fore film re­leases?

Yes, I still do. I just don’t want to be there when the film re­leases. I just want to go away.

What is the take­away for you from this film?

This movie has en­riched me. Peo­ple said that I wasn’t work­ing be­cause I was lazy. But films are some­thing I do with my heart and soul and I just love every day when I am at work.

How do you bal­ance be­tween your per­sonal and pro­fes­sional life?

Well it is not that dif­fi­cult. I have al­ways been a fam­ily ori­ented per­son and it’s never been an is­sue for me.

What are your plans post Race3?

I just hope I get great char­ac­ters in the fu­ture. The length of the role doesn’t mat­ter as long as it has sub­stance to it. I will start House­full 4 in July and I am pretty ex­cited to work with Ak­shay Ku­mar again. And com­ing to­gether with Sa­jid Khan and Sa­jid Na­di­ad­wala will be great fun.

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