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Em­broi­dery was, is and will con­tinue to be fash­ion’s favourite child ir­re­spec­tive of the chang­ing times. Clas­si­cal value ad­di­tions such as em­broi­dered shirts, em­broi­dered dresses and em­broi­dered jack­ets gar­ner am­ple dosage of con­sumer’s pref­er­ence all year round. A lit­tle bit of se­quins on shoul­der, cuffs and em­broi­dery can en­hance the aes­thetic ap­peal of the gar­ments. Tra­di­tion­ally done with hands, com­put­er­ized em­broi­dery ma­chines are also avail­able to ease the bulk em­broi­dery op­er­a­tion and in an ef­fi­cient way. Team StitchWorld brings to its read­ers the 10 pop­u­lar multi- head em­broi­dery ma­chine providers.

1 Baru­dan

This Japanese leader of em­broi­dery ma­chines was the first to pro­duce the multi-head em­broi­dery ma­chine in the coun­try. The com­pany’s prod­ucts are used in over 100 coun­tries. Baru­dan’s new­est high speed multi-head em­broi­dery ma­chine – BEKS Se­ries, achieves a max­i­mum speed of 1000 rpm. Fa­cil­i­tat­ing a stitch ca­pac­ity of 70 mil­lion and stitch length of 0.1 -12.7 mm with 9 nee­dles, BEKS Se­ries con­sumes power be­tween 1.5 kW and 2.1 kW.

2 Sau­rer

Swiss Sau­rer Em­broi­dery, a world­wide mar­ket leader for em­broi­dery pro­duc­tion sys­tems, has over 160 years of ex­pe­ri­ence. The com­pany has de­vel­oped a new en­hanced gen­er­a­tion of shut­tle em­broi­dery ma­chine named ‘Epoca 7’. Hav­ing an em­broi­dery speed of 700 rpm, Epoca 7 in­creases pro­duc­tiv­ity by 20 per cent. Epoca 7 has been awarded the E³ la­bel for triple added value, which means En­ergy (sav­ings of up to 5 per cent), Eco­nom­ics (up to 20 per cent in­crease in pro­duc­tiv­ity) and Er­gonomics (sim­ple and fast thread­ing).

3 Ta­jima

Known world over for its em­broi­dery ma­chines, Ta­jima keeps pace with the evolv­ing de­mands of fash­ion, sea­son af­ter sea­son. The lat­est ad­di­tion to the com­pany’s port­fo­lio is the elec­tronic multi-head au­to­matic em­broi­dery ma­chine – TMCR-VF se­ries that has 15 heads and works on 12 nee­dles. Con­sum­ing power of only 1.4 kW, the em­broi­dery ma­chine can reach up to 1100 rpm. The Dig­i­tally Con­trolled Presser (DCP) can eas­ily re­duce fab­ric flut­ter­ing that oc­curs dur­ing em­broi­dery.

4 Rich­peace

Rich­peace Group Co. be­lieves in con­tin­u­ously de­vel­op­ing new tech­nol­ogy in or­der to of­fer the best of the ad­vanced tech­niques in the field of gar­ment ma­chin­ery. Ap­pli­ca­ble for sa­ree, chif­fon, cur­tain, lace em­broi­dery, etc., Rich­peace’s com­put­er­ized large scale flat em­broi­dery ma­chine en­ables to se­lect work­ing heads through touch­screen com­puter rather than tra­di­tional switch off. It also fea­tures a thread break­age warn­ing de­vice that de­tects whether the thread is fin­ished or bro­ken, en­sur­ing high qual­ity of em­broi­dery.

5 Zoje Dayu

Zoje Dayu ma­chin­ery Co. Ltd. is a joint ven­ture be­tween Zoje Sewing

Ma­chine Co. Ltd. and Zhe­jiang Dayu Sewing Equip­ment Man­u­fac­tur­ing Co. Ltd. To­gether they in­te­grate all the ad­van­ta­geous re­sources avail­able in com­put­er­ized em­broi­dery ma­chine ar­eas of both sides. The com­pany’s DYG high speed com­mon flat se­ries em­broi­dery ma­chines can work on 15 nee­dles and have 20 heads. With an achiev­able stitch length of 0.1-12.7 mm, these em­broi­dery ma­chines can run at a speed of 1200 rpm. Au­to­matic colour change, au­to­matic trim­mer, au­to­matic re­deem em­broi­dery and au­to­matic de­tec­tion of thread break­age are some of the high­lights of the ma­chines.


SWF, the brand name of SunStar Pre­ci­sion Co. Ltd., Korea, was es­tab­lished in 1974 and is among the big­gest play­ers in the field of em­broi­dery ma­chines. The com­pany of­fers a wide range of sin­gle-head, multi-head and dual func­tion em­broi­dery ma­chines. Its multi-head au­to­matic em­broi­dery ma­chine, SWF K-Se­ries K-UH1508-45, comes with an LCD mon­i­tor that al­lows the user to fol­low along with the num­ber of stitches as a stan­dard fea­ture. With 8 heads, the ma­chine can reach a speed of 1000 rpm, with low power con­sump­tion of 1kW. SWF also has a 7-year lim­ited war­ranty.


ZSK, a world leader in em­broi­dery ma­chines, is known for the hall­mark of ex­cel­lence – ‘Made In Ger­many’. It of­fers sin­gle head em­broi­dery ma­chines, tubu­lar head em­broi­dery ma­chines, flat sys­tem em­broi­dery ma­chines and spe­cial em­broi­dery ma­chines. Rec­og­nized for its ad­vanced tech­nol­ogy, flex­i­bil­ity and long life time, ZSK mul­ti­head em­broi­dery ma­chines can be used for cloth­ing tex­tiles, sa­rees, bed cloth, ta­ble cloth lin­gerie, cur­tains, etc. The ma­chines can sup­port 1-56 heads and can have up to 12 nee­dles and colours and an em­broi­dery field of 500 -1500 mm.

8 Happy

Happy Ja­pan has a broad line-up of com­put­er­ized em­broi­dery ma­chines, from in­dus­trial multi-head ma­chines to home-use and sin­gle-use com­pact ma­chines. The com­pany’s HCR3 X se­ries for wider em­broi­dery area is avail­able in 2-12 heads with 15 nee­dles. The max­i­mum speed achie­ve­able is 1200 rpm and em­broi­dery size cov­ered by it is 450 x 500 mm. Be­ing in­te­grated with fea­tures like au­to­matic thread trim­mer, au­to­matic colour change and au­to­matic thread break de­tec­tion makes it a user­friendly and an ef­fi­cient ma­chine.

9 Unix

One of the few in­dige­nous em­broi­dery ma­chines man­u­fac­tur­ers, Unix Stitch Ma­chines, was es­tab­lished in 2004. It of­fers Unix em­broi­dery ma­chine, sin­gle head em­broi­dery ma­chine, Unix flat com­put­er­ized em­broi­dery ma­chine, com­put­er­ized hand­work em­broi­dery ma­chine, sin­gle head em­broi­dery ma­chine and more. The com­pany’s com­put­er­ized em­broi­dery ma­chines can run at a speed of 250-1000 rpm. Work­ing with two mo­tors, in­duc­tion mo­tor and step mo­tor, it con­sumes power up to 1 kW. The ba­sic stitch ca­pac­ity of the ma­chine is up to 1000,000 stitches.

10 Damei

Man­u­fac­tured by Bei­jing North Phoenix In­tel­li­gence Tech­nol­ogy Co., Damei is a fa­mous and lead­ing brand in the em­broi­dery ma­chines seg­ment of­fered by the com­pany. Its TNPD Se­ries com­put­er­ized em­broi­dery ma­chines com­bine se­quins and stan­dard em­broi­dery to­gether. The cord­ing and stan­dard em­broi­dery heads can be switched au­to­mat­i­cally or man­u­ally. Avail­able in 8-15 heads, it has 6 nee­dles. Some other prod­ucts of Damei are com­put­er­ized em­broi­dery ma­chines, com­put­er­ized che­nille em­broi­dery ma­chines and more.

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