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With floral prints and dra­matic pat­terns tak­ing over the fash­ion trend, dig­i­tal print­ing has be­come the new favourite of ap­parel man­u­fac­tur­ers. Drift­ing away from the nui­sances of tra­di­tional screen print­ing, dig­i­tal print­ing of­fers ad­van­tages in terms of su­pe­rior print qual­ity, more de­signs, gamut of colours, and faster print­ing speed. It is also eas­ier to cater to the cus­tomiza­tion needs of the cus­tomers with small pro­duc­tion runs and re­duced ink costs. In­dia is also be­com­ing a part of the dig­i­tal print­ing rev­o­lu­tion with many man­u­fac­tur­ers com­ing up like Color­jet. Team StitchWorld brings to our read­ers 10 pop­u­lar dig­i­tal print­ing ma­chine man­u­fac­tur­ers world­wide.

1 Mi­maki

Ja­panese pi­o­neer in dig­i­tal tex­tile print­ing so­lu­tions, Mi­maki needs no in­tro­duc­tion. Mi­maki’s TX300P-1800 rollto-roll, direct-to-tex­tile inkjet printer is the lat­est of­fer­ing to the mar­ket. This 75-inch wide printer is en­gi­neered ex­clu­sively for direct-to­fab­ric ap­pli­ca­tions and is ca­pa­ble of uti­liz­ing five types of tex­tile-spe­cific inks that can be di­rectly printed on a wide va­ri­ety of syn­thetic or nat­u­ral fabrics. It also in­cludes 4 ad­vanced in-line piezo elec­tric print heads en­abling print­ing on var­i­ous types of tex­tiles rang­ing from fine to heavy de­nier, wo­ven pat­terns or raised fi­bre sur­faces, while main­tain­ing ac­cu­rate ink droplet place­ment. The high­est speed of print­ing can be reached at 66 m2/h with 4-colour print­ing and 35 m2/h with 6-colour print­ing. The max­i­mum print res­o­lu­tion it has is 1440 dpi.

In­dia Agent – Mi­maki In­dia Pvt Ltd.

Bangladesh Agent – NAF Over­seas Pvt Ltd, Sign­tronix

Viet­nam Agent – Tri Duc Co. Ltd, Viet­nam SBC and Trad­ing Co. Ltd.

2 Kor­nit Dig­i­tal

This Is­rael-based dig­i­tal print­ing tech­nol­ogy provider has ev­ery so­lu­tion from en­try level to mass gar­ment pro­duc­tion. It of­fers roll-to-roll, direct-to fab­ric dig­i­tal printer named Al­le­gro. Kor­nit’s Al­le­gro with its NeoPig­ment™ process elim­i­nates the need for process steps such as pre-treat­ment, steam­ing and wash­ing. It uses one NeoPig­ment™ ink set to print on mul­ti­ple types of fabrics like wo­vens, knits, nat­u­ral, syn­thetic, and even blends. It can han­dle fab­ric with a roll width of 1800 mm and can print at a speed of 200m2. The printer has 64 heads with seven colours avail­able for print­ing. It is an eco-friendly process which uses no wa­ter.

In­dia Agent – ICC In­ter­na­tional Agen­cies Ltd.

In­done­sia Agent – PT. Sa­mafitro

Sri Lanka Agent – Ta­jima Colombo (PTE) Ltd.

3 Kon­ica Mi­nolta

Ja­panese dig­i­tal print­ing leader Kon­ica Mi­nolta was es­tab­lished in 1936 and of­fers its prod­ucts to var­i­ous in­dus­tries such as tex­tile in­dus­try and health­care in­dus­try. One of the at­trac­tions of the com­pany’s Nas­sen­ger se­ries – Nas­sen­ger PRO 1000 inkjet tex­tile printer, is pri­mar­ily used for high-vol­ume pro­duc­tion. It also claims to of­fer the world’s fastest print speed of 10,000 m2/hour. Up to 10 colour vari­ants can be used in Nas­sen­ger PRO 1000. The printer is ca­pa­ble of han­dling fab­ric width of 1850 mm and thick­ness of 10 mm. Nas­sen­ger PRO 1000 can use dis­perse or re­ac­tive pig­ment inks. It also fea­tures an in­de­pen­dent drive sys­tem which al­lows si­mul­ta­ne­ous emis­sion from each noz­zle to en­sure high pro­duc­tiv­ity.

In­dia Agent – Ap­som Tech­nolo­gies

Viet­nam Of­fice –Kon­ica Mi­nolta Busi­ness So­lu­tions Viet­nam Co. Ltd.

Turkey Of­fice – Kon­ica Mi­nolta Turkey Busi­ness Tech­nolo­gies A.S.

4 SPGPrints

Nether­lands-based SPGPrints is a well-known player in the dig­i­tal tex­tile print­ing seg­ment. The com­pany’s of­fer­ing, Javelin dig­i­tal printer, is one of its kind which has ac­quired the larger chunk of the global dig­i­tal print­ing mar­ket in no time since its in­cep­tion. Hav­ing max­i­mum print­ing width of 3200 mm, Javelin is stud­ded with 6 SPGPrints’ patented Archer Tech­nol­ogy print bars, each of which fea­tures 6 Fu­jiFilmDi­matix Samba print heads to achieve ex­cel­lent and pre­cise print­ing qual­ity. Javelin has an im­pres­sive print­ing speed of 355 lin­ear me­tres per hour and it pre­cisely prints at vari­able ink drops rang­ing from 2pL-10pL.

In­dia Agent – Stovec In­dus­tries Ltd.

China Agent – SPGPrints Print­ing Sys­tems Wuxi Co. Ltd.

Pak­istan Agent – SPGPrints Pak­istan (Pvt) Ltd.

5 MS Print­ing So­lu­tions

Founded in 1947, MS Print­ing So­lu­tions S.r.l. is a man­u­fac­turer and distrib­u­tor of in­no­va­tive dig­i­tal inkjet print­ing sys­tems for the tex­tile in­dus­try. The Italy based com­pany has a range of tex­tile print­ers, pa­per print­ers, steam­ers and dry­ers in its port­fo­lio. One of its tex­tile printer – JPK Evo of­fers a print­ing speed of 300 lin­ear me­tres/hour. With print heads avail­able up to 32, the JPK Evo can print up to 8 colours. The MS printer en­sures high qual­ity print with a res­o­lu­tion of 600 X 600 dpi. Max­i­mum print­ing width which can be achieved by JPK Evo is 3200 mm.

In­dia Agent – Orange O Tec Pvt. Ltd.

6 Durst

Durst is a global cor­po­ra­tion with a vast range of dig­i­tal print­ing op­tions for var­i­ous tex­tile and fash­ion ap­pli­ca­tions. One of the com­pany’s sig­nif­i­cant of­fer­ings in dig­i­tal print­ing is the Al­pha 180 TR. The printer is a re­sult of Durst’s ex­pan­sion of its tex­tile direct print­ing port­fo­lio with dye-sub­li­ma­tion tech­nol­ogy. The Al­pha 180 TR of­fers pro­duc­tiv­ity at a pro­duc­tion speed of 200 m2/h and a max­i­mum print­ing width of 1850 mm. Durst claims that the printer is best suit­able for those who want to opt for ‘GREEN’ print­ing so­lu­tions as it uses wa­ter-based dye-sub­li­ma­tion inks based on Durst Wa­ter Tech­nol­ogy. These odour­less, skin-friendly inks are free of volatile or­ganic com­pounds (VOCs). In­dia Agent – Cer­aDecor In­dia Ltd.

7 DGI (Dig­i­tal Graph­ics In­cor­po­ra­tion)

Founded in 1985, DGI is a Korean dig­i­tal inkjet print­ing so­lu­tion provider, hav­ing a strong sales net­work which cov­ers up to 70 coun­tries world­wide. The com­pany’s FABRIJET FD 1904 is a high speed direct tex­tile printer print­ing at a speed of

200 m2/hr. It comes with 4 Ky­ocera print heads and can print on var­i­ous sub­strates such as cot­ton, polyester and silk. The max­i­mum print­ing width avail­able is 1850 mm and the colour gamut used are CMYK, blue, red, orange and grey. FABRIJET FD 1904 is equipped with var­i­ous safety sen­sors such as ob­sta­cle de­tec­tion, wrin­kle de­tec­tion and fab­ric end de­tec­tion.

In­dia Agent – DCC Pvt. Ltd. and Lipi Mar­ket­ing

Bangladesh Agent – Wa­hab Trad­ing

Viet­nam Agent – Prin­tech

8 Mu­toh

Ja­pan-based Mu­toh is one of the world’s lead­ing man­u­fac­tur­ers of high qual­ity wide-for­mat piezo dro­pon-de­mand inkjet print­ers. De­signed specif­i­cally for high­qual­ity tex­tile print­ing, Mu­toh’s of­fer­ing ValueJet 1938 TX is per­fect for print­ing any type of fash­ion prod­ucts in­clud­ing gar­ments and swimwear as well as all types of fabrics. The VJ-1938TX is a 75" (1910 mm) wide dual stag­gered head printer which com­bines proven tech­nol­ogy with a high­pre­ci­sion me­chan­i­cal de­sign. Fur­ther­more, each 1440-noz­zle head (8 lines of 180 noz­zles) in­cor­po­rates four colour sec­tions, di­vided in two noz­zle rows with 360 noz­zles per colour. The in­te­grated print heads are ca­pa­ble of pro­duc­ing ink drops rang­ing from 3.3pL to 45.3pL. The printer has a max­i­mum of 40 square me­tres of print­ing speed.

In­dia Agent – Negi Sign Sys­tems & Sup­plies Co.

9 d.gen Inc

Korea-based d.gen Inc., a ma­jor dig­i­tal tex­tile printer tech­nol­ogy and man­u­fac­tur­ing com­pany, has com­pleted around 4 decades in serv­ing the tex­tile print­ing in­dus­try. Teleios Grande G5 is a tex­tile printer of­fered by the com­pany. Equipped with lat­est 8 Ri­coh GEN5 in­dus­trial inkjet print heads, it can fa­cil­i­tate a print­ing speed of

185 m2/hr. With the help of dis­perse and tex­tile pig­ment ink, the com­pany’s printer can print fab­ric of width 3300 mm. Of­fer­ing print­ing with 8 colours, the max­i­mum res­o­lu­tion achieved by Teleios Grande G5 is 2400 dpi.

In­dia Agent – DCC Pvt. Ltd.

10 M-Tex

Por­tu­gal based com­pany Mtex So­lu­tions S.A. is the man­u­fac­turer of dig­i­tal print­ing equip­ment and aux­il­iary equip­ment for pro­duc­tion of printed tex­tiles. The com­pany along with its sis­ter con­cern, New So­lu­tion Group, ex­ported ma­chines worth more than Euro 13.8 mil­lion last year. The re­cently launched com­pany’s of­fer­ing – Scor­pion is a 1.9 m-wide roll-to-roll dig­i­tal tex­tile printer. Avail­able in 16 or 32 heads, Scor­pion can achieve a print­ing speed of up to 550 m2/hr and give a print res­o­lu­tion of 1440 dpi. Aimed at high fash­ion mar­ket, Scor­pion printer uses acid/pig­ment or re­ac­tive ink dyes. The com­pany claims that all its equip­ment will be in­dus­try 4.0 ready in the cur­rent year.

Mi­maki’s TX300P-1800 roll-to-roll, direct-to­tex­tile printer

Dig­i­tal print­ing tak­ing fash­ion run­ways by a storm

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