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Read­ing tech­ni­cal mag­a­zines (like StitchWorld) is sup­posed to in­crease the knowl­edge and aware­ness level among pro­duc­tion ex­ec­u­tives. Do pro­duc­tion ex­ec­u­tives ac­tu­ally read tech­ni­cal mag­a­zines? Do they have the time to go through tech­ni­cal mag­a­zines amidst such a hec­tic daily sched­ule? What is the best al­ter­na­tive way by which such tech­ni­cal in­for­ma­tion can be dis­si­pated to the pro­duc­tion ex­ec­u­tives (e-reader, voice-reader, video, etc.)?

Read­ing tech­ni­cal mag­a­zines for sure in­creases knowl­edge among pro­duc­tion ex­ec­u­tives but not many are into the habit of read­ing th­ese as they get car­ried away by work and func­tion un­der a hec­tic daily sched­ule. The best al­ter­na­tive, there­fore, would be videos as some re­ports say that the time spent by an av­er­age per­son on What­sApp/So­cial Me­dia is al­most two hours a day and thus shar­ing videos through th­ese sources would be the per­fect choice. Nev­er­the­less, mag­a­zines help us greatly in keep­ing our­selves up-to-date as far as tech­nol­ogy and tech­ni­cal sup­port to Qual­ity are con­cerned. 1. Tech­nol­ogy in Ma­chin­ery – As you know that the bad dream of any tex­tile ex­porter is man­power. Tech­nol­ogy is evolv­ing so much that there will be a deep cut down on man­power in fu­ture. We can cite here the ex­am­ple of spread­ing ma­chines (even if it was in­tro­duced way ear­lier, it still stands as a per­fect ex­am­ple of cut-down on man­power). Ear­lier we had to em­ploy 4-6 em­ploy­ers for spread­ing a lay by hand but with spread­ing ma­chine, the same spread­ing of lay can be car­ried out by a sin­gle per­son. Such lat­est in­for­ma­tion on tech­nol­ogy and ma­chines can only be found in mag­a­zines and hence, it is re­ally nec­es­sary for us to read the same. 2. Qual­ity – If you want your com­pany to go to the next level, it is re­ally es­sen­tial for you to keep an eye on qual­ity. Most of the brands now are very much into en­vi­ron­men­tal aware­ness and are in­clin­ing to­wards or­ganic cot­ton, detox dye­ing, etc. For ex­am­ple in Europe, the mer­chan­dise which is ex­ported by us won’t be cleared if we don’t pos­sess AZO test re­sults. AZO dyes are known to re­lease one or more of the 22 aro­matic amines in de­tectable con­cen­tra­tion above 30 ppm in fin­ished goods and should not be used ac­cord­ing to REACH stan­dard. This kind of info can only be found in mag­a­zines. It is all the more es­sen­tial for the top man­age­ment to know about th­ese ad­vance­ments as the mid- man­age­ment is noth­ing but just a mir­ror of the top­man­age­ment.

AMRUTESH. K. JAGHUVA Ex­ec­u­tive Di­rec­tor, Qual­ity Knitwears, Madu­rai (In­dia)

The up­dated de­tails on tech­nol­ogy in the gar­ment in­dus­try can be eas­ily found in tech­ni­cal mag­a­zines such as StitchWorld and it is re­ally nec­es­sary for us to read the same if we want to en­hance our un­der­stand­ing about the shift­ing direc­tions of the in­dus­try in this fast-paced era. How­ever, some­times, it is re­ally dif­fi­cult for us to read mag­a­zines as pro­duc­tion peo­ple do not have time to spare from their busy sched­ule. Videos can be a more ef­fec­tive way for en­gag­ing peo­ple in the present era. Even What­sApp group will also be use­ful as, from top man­age­ment to the work­ers’ level, ev­ery­body is on What­sApp and dur­ing night time, all of them check their What­sApp at least once. This way we can im­prove the knowl­edge of the pro­duc­tion ex­ec­u­tives.


Gen­eral Man­ager (IE), Wear Well In­dia Pvt. Ltd. Noida (In­dia)

When we started our com­pany, we were not aware of most of the tech­ni­cal and sig­nif­i­cant as­pects to be fol­lowed in the pro­duc­tion area. SW helped us to gain knowl­edge of each and ev­ery area in­side the gar­ment unit. It is im­por­tant for the top man­age­ment to know about such es­sen­tial up­da­tions in gar­ment tech­nol­ogy. If we are in In­dia and some­thing new has been re­leased in other parts of the world, we should know about it and mag­a­zines are the pri­mary chan­nels which help us know the same. How­ever, some­times busy sched­ule make things messy for us and we can­not read the print edi­tion for days. My sug­ges­tion, there­fore, is to make print mag­a­zines avail­able in dig­i­tal form just like ama­zon has come up

with its Kin­dle edi­tion. I sug­gest the me­dia to send us small write-ups and small-length videos on a weekly ba­sis as we can go through th­ese when­ever we have some leisure time. This step would re­ally be help­ful to make in­for­ma­tion hand­ier as we can ac­cess the in­for­ma­tion even dur­ing lunch/din­ner and travel. How­ever, I do ad­mit that there are con­straints in­volved in avoid­ing the print ver­sion of the mag­a­zine. As a lot of ir­rel­e­vant in­for­ma­tion can be found in phones, it is quite dif­fi­cult to sort rel­e­vant things out. As far as print mag­a­zines are con­cerned, you al­ways know where they are kept in home/of­fice, and you can ac­cess them even af­ter months or years. PREETI MEHRA

Di­rec­tor, RGB Cre­ations Pvt. Ltd. Delhi (In­dia) LinkedIn and E-read­ers are the two best tools nowa­days to im­part knowl­edge. Most of the pro­fes­sion­als are ac­tive on so­cial me­dia plat­forms, mak­ing this the best way to ed­u­cate them. What­sApp group can also be a use­ful source as it would help us to in­tro­duce the pro­duc­tion peo­ple to­gether. Here, they can share their views on sev­eral work re­lated topics such as what new can be done to im­prove shopfloor man­age­ment, what’s new in the gar­ment tech­nol­ogy and what kind of chal­lenges su­per­vi­sors face. How­ever, it is seen that peo­ple do not main­tain the pro­fes­sion­al­ism that is ex­pected out of such groups. They keep send­ing ir­rel­e­vant posts. So opt­ing for What­sApp group can back­fire if not han­dled prop­erly and un­less se­ri­ous peo­ple are added in the fo­rum. One more idea that can be ben­e­fi­cial is to in­tro­duce mag­a­zines in the lo­cal lan­guage to in­crease the reach of the read­ers. Just like Ap­parel On­line Viet­nam is printed in both English and in Viet­namese lan­guage, SW should also fol­low the same trend as most of the prac­ti­cal and tech­ni­cal peo­ple are not that much flu­ent in English. They just see the im­ages in the mag­a­zines be­cause of lan­guage con­straint. But, un­doubt­edly, mag­a­zines like SW and AO are great ones for ed­u­cat­ing the gar­ment in­dus­try on a reg­u­lar ba­sis.

SANJEEVA INDIKA WANIGABADUGE Chief Op­er­at­ing Of­fi­cer, Utah Fash­ions Ltd. Gazipur (Bangladesh)

I read tech­ni­cal mag­a­zines on daily ba­sis. De­spite hav­ing a hec­tic sched­ule on the pro­duc­tion floor, I do not skip th­ese mag­a­zines as they are a great source of knowl­edge and help one to know what is new hap­pen­ing in the other part of the world. Be­ing GM at Brandix, it's ob­vi­ous to be tech­ni­cally sound. Oth­er­wise, I can­not ex­pect my sub­or­di­nates to per­form as per the ex­pec­ta­tions. How­ever, I do agree that most of the floor peo­ple also want to read such mag­a­zines but can­not find time to do so. Ac­cord­ing to me, there are two rea­sons for them not find­ing any spare time: 1. The pro­duc­tion plan is not made prop­erly and this is why pro­duc­tion ex­ec­u­tives do not find time. 2. They are more into dig­i­tal nowa­days. For the first rea­son, own­ers should take re­spon­si­bil­ity to make such plans which run smoothly with­out cre­at­ing chaos among floor peo­ple. This way they can help the floor em­ploy­ees to get a chance to read th­ese mag­a­zines and stay up­dated on the new in­no­va­tions in the gar­ment in­dus­try. Se­condly, for the peo­ple who are more into dig­i­tal, voicereader is a bet­ter op­tion. Although I sin­cerely feel that the pdf ver­sion of the mag­a­zines are great too. How­ever, as ev­ery­body is us­ing a va­ri­ety of on­line tools, we can pro­vide them with more dig­i­tal choices to ed­u­cate them­selves in a bet­ter way.

NUWAN WASALTHILAKA Gen­eral Man­ager, Brandix, Sri Lanka

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