Ad­van­tages of a Smart glass over sales per­son

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As­sum­ing com­pany’s to­tal an­nual sales to be Rs. 50,00,000.

1. Easy nav­i­ga­tion

of prod­ucts

Bet­ter ex­pe­ri­ence and fast query solv­ing helps cus­tomer stay and in­crease in sales. Let us as­sume the an­nual sales on busy days (ex­cept Fri­days & Satur­days) (= Rs. 70,00,000) in­creases by 10%.

Earn­ings in­crease by:

Rs. 7,00,000 per year Rs. 58,333.33 per month Rs. 1917.81 per day

2. Elim­i­na­tion of

sales per­sons Con­sid­er­ing av­er­age work­ers per hour to be 10 and hours open/week to be 80.

To­tal an­nual hours = (av­er­age work­ers per hour * hours open per week * num­ber of weeks)

= (10 * 80 * 52) = 41600

If the av­er­age hourly labour cost is Rs. 40, the an­nual labour cost comes out to be Rs. 1,664,000. As­sum­ing re­duced num­ber of hours to be 50% of the to­tal hours, the prof­its earned are:

Rs. 8,32,000 per year Rs. 69,333 per month Rs. 2,279 per day

3. Close-out re­quire­ments

pre­vent em­ployee theft As­sum­ing 4% of to­tal an­nual sales is pre­vented from em­ployee theft, the money saved would be:

Rs. 2,00,000, per year Rs. 16,667, per year Rs. 548, per day

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