Nextwave pro­vid­ing tools and knowl­edge to lever­age microfactory ad­van­tages


Call­ing it­self to be the first of its kind in the industry, Nextwave is the lead prod­uct in­te­gra­tor for the on- de­mand ap­parel microfactory. The com­pany of­fers full- prod­uct so­lu­tions and demon­stra­tions of the microfactory. It has part­nered with EFI Op­ti­tex, EFI Fiery Sys­tem, EFI Reg­giani, Zund, and Kliev­erik. EFI Op­ti­tex 2D and 3D so­lu­tions al­low prepa­ra­tion of de­signs and pat­tern mak­ing. In the next step, prepa­ra­tion of print­ing data, EFI Fiery con­verts de­sign into print­ing data to be sent to dig­i­tal printer. EFI Reg­giani print­ing so­lu­tions of­fers dig­i­tal print­ing process with full range of wa­ter based inks. It can print 500 gar­ments/ hour. Af­ter­wards, the roll of fabric is heated on Kliev­erik heat press to per­ma­nently trans­fer de­sign on fabric through sub­li­ma­tion process. Then, fabric is passed on to Zund dig­i­tal cut­ter which in­tel­li­gently cuts nested pieces. This cut­ter has mod­u­lar de­sign and adapts to any fabric, thus elim­i­nat­ing man­ual cutting. As cut pieces come out, these are clamped to the state- of-theart Eton UPS which au­to­mat­i­cally de­liv­ers cut pieces to the next op­er­a­tion. For sewing, Hen­der­son sewing ma­chines are im­ple­mented. Not only this, Nextwave pro­vides its ser­vices as per­sonal con­sul­tant for on­de­mand man­u­fac­tur­ing, and it also has a run­ning ap­parel microfactory in At­lanta, USA. Its fully func­tional so­lu­tion al­lows cus­tomers and de­sign­ers to run small sam­ple runs or scale to pro­duc­tion.

2 Kor­nit Dig­i­tal Al­le­gro di­rectly prints on the fabric us­ing no wa­ter at all 3

5 Hen­der­son Sewing Ma­chine de­signed Gantry Ro­botic Sewing Sta­tion were avail­able for sewing

4 ‘Ger­bie’ Om­ron robot pow­ered by Hen­der­son Sewing Ma­chine trans­ports cut pan­els to sewing sec­tion

6 The fi­nal prod­uct (a cushion in this case) is ready

Ger­ber Z1 sin­gle-ply cut­ter with Con­tourVi­sion cuts fabric pan­els

1 Ger­ber’s Ac­cumark 3D is used to cre­ate de­signs and marker files

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