The hi­lar­i­ous pri­vate jour­nal of a highly public preg­nancy.

Storizen Magazine - - What's Inside - – Koi Good News? by Zar­reen Khan


When Mona Mathur of Dehradun mar­ried her col­lege sweet­heart, Ramit Deol of Am­rit­sar, there were two things she wasn’t pre­pared for: 1. The size of the Deol fam­ily – it put any Sooraj Bar­jatya movie to shame. 2. The fer­til­ity of the Deol fam­ily – they re­pro­duced faster than any other species known to mankind. It’s been four years since their wed­ding, and Mona and Ramit have done the un­think­able – they’ve re­mained child­less. Of course, that also means that they’ve bat­tled that one ques­tion day in and day out: ‘Koi Good News?’

Now, the truth is,

Ramit and Mona had been try­ing to con­ceive for the past one year. But hav­ing a baby isn’t as easy as it’s made out to be. Fi­nally, aided by the wine at their highly glam­orous neigh­bours’ party, Mona gets preg­nant. And so be­gins a crazy jour­ney – com­plete with in­ter­fer­ing rel­a­tives, nosy neigh­bours, dis­ap­prov­ing doc­tors, and ab­so­lutely no pri­vacy! Hon­est, rel­e­vant and thor­oughly ir­rev­er­ent, Koi Good News? is the fun­ni­est book you’ll read this year.

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