Au­thor's Jour­ney

Make the right choice, as there are no U-Turns. Re­mem­ber, if a choice has to be made, it has to made NOW!

Storizen Magazine - - What's Inside - - Amit Shankar

Men dis­cuss it over beer, with their friends; while women hal­lu­ci­nate of it at kitty par­ties. We all have faced this spot more than once—wish­ing if our life could take a U turn.

Life has only 3 ex­its, namely U Turns.

The first one, Exit 1, wel­comes you just as you em­bark on your jour­ney, get­ting on the high­way of life.

Packed with crawl­ing and snarling traf­fic, the sight is fright­en­ing. With sweaty palms and trem­bling feet you press the ac­cel­er­a­tor, fight­ing the quandary—to be or not to be.

Just out of col­lege, young, brash and over­flow­ing with en­ergy, those dream filled eyes and hope filled heart knows no bound­aries. Life awaits you, ei­ther with open arms or bare fangs, de­pend­ing on the choices that you make.

Your first choice could be to get off the first exit it­self; off the high­way on to a free­way, for good, for­ever, ex­plor­ing the crys­tal blue sky and lush green mead­ows. But then you are lured by the com­fort of a nine to five job, a se­cure con­ven­tional ca­reer; of be­ing a doc­tor, en­gi­neer or an MBA grad.

Though you are well versed with the un­con­ven­tional ca­reer choices too—be­ing a poet, writer, mu­si­cian, a painter, film­maker, ac­tivist, a photographer, a model, even a hair stylist. But the lack of

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