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Hep­ati­tis is in­flam­ma­tion of the liver tis­sue. The most com­mon cause is virus. Other causes in­clude heavy al­co­hol use and cer­tain med­i­ca­tions. There are five main types of vi­ral hep­ati­tis: A,B, C, D, and E. In par­tic­u­lar, types B and C lead to chronic dis­ease in hun­dreds of lakhs of peo­ple and, to­gether, are the most com­mon cause of liver cir­rho­sis and can­cer.

Hep­ati­tis A Virus (HAV)

It is usu­ally spread by eat­ing food or drink­ing water con­tam­i­nated with in­fected fae­ces. In­fec­tions are in many cases mild, with most peo­ple mak­ing a full re­cov­ery and re­main­ing im­mune from fur­ther HAV in­fec­tions.

Hep­ati­tis B Virus (HBV)

It is trans­mit­ted through ex­po­sure to in­fec­tive blood, se­men, and other body flu­ids. HBV can be trans­mit­ted from in­fected moth­ers to in­fants at the time of birth or from fam­ily mem­ber to in­fant in early child­hood. HBV also poses a risk to health­care work­ers who sus­tain ac­ci­den­tal nee­dle stick in­juries while car­ing for in­fected-HBV pa­tients. Safe and ef­fec­tive vaccines are avail­able to pre­vent HBV.

Hep­ati­tis C Virus (HCV)

It is mostly trans­mit­ted through ex­po­sure to in­fec­tive blood. This may hap­pen through trans­fu­sions of HCV-con­tam­i­nated blood and blood prod­ucts, con­tam­i­nated in­jec­tions dur­ing med­i­cal pro­ce­dures, and through in­jec­tion drug use. There is no vac­cine for HCV. Anti-vi­ral medicines can cure more than 95% of per­sons with Hep­ati­tis C in­fec­tion, thereby re­duc­ing the risk of death from liver can­cer and cir­rho­sis, but ac­cess to di­ag­no­sis and treat­ment is low.

Af­ter he de­vel­oped TB, his lungs were of­ten filled with fluid, mak­ing it re­ally hard for him to even breathe. He wanted me to be­come an IAS of­fi­cer and died even be­fore I could fin­ish col­lege. K Ma­hesh, son of B Ko­teesh­waran, who died in July this year

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