EPS’ cat-saint anec­dote warns de­trac­tors

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Nar­rat­ing an anec­dote, CM Palaniswami said: “There lived a saint and a cat. One day, the cat saw a dog and re­quested the saint to make it a dog too. The saint obliged. Later, it saw a tiger and then a lion, and the saint obliged, turn­ing the cat into a tiger and then a lion. It lived with ar­ro­gance un­til it saw ‘sara­pam’, the eight-legged big an­i­mal. Again, it asked the saint to make it a ‘sara­pam’ and it was done. Now, to en­sure that no other an­i­mal be­came a ‘sara­pam’ with the saint’s help, it de­cided to kill the saint. But the saint re­alised its in­ten­tion and turned it back into a cat, say­ing that de­spite turn­ing into big­ger an­i­mals, it re­tained its cat na­ture, and so, would re­main a cat for­ever. The saint is AIADMK. You can guess who the cat is. Who­ever tries to ma­lign the AIADMK would be pushed to the same con­di­tion as the cat.”

I am happy to in­form you that Both fac­tions of the AIADMK will merge soon... Dif­fer­ences of opin­ion be­tween the fac­tions had emerged ear­lier, but they are now be­ing ad­dressed through dis­cus­sions ‘Edap­padi’ K Palaniswami, CM Talks are go­ing on smoothly. Within a day or two, a good de­ci­sion will be ar­rived at Pan­neer­sel­vam, for­mer CM

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