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Please tell me you’ve made a mis­take by adding a cou­ple of ze­roes in the price.

Hey! We’ll have you know that we read each and ev­ery word be­fore go­ing to print! And to clear your doubt, no it’s not a typo. The HE 1 is the suc­ces­sor of Or­pheus that Sennheiser re­leased back in 1991. Yes, it is re­ally priced at 45 lakh ru­pees!

OMG! I lit­er­ally have no words.

That’s a first. But you’re pay­ing for the finest of ev­ery­thing. To be more spe­cific, it’s the choice of lux­u­ri­ous ma­te­ri­als cou­pled with sound en­gi­neer­ing and qual­ity crafts­man­ship that makes this head­phone so spe­cial. For in­stance, its am­pli­fier is housed in a glass and a solid block of Car­rara mar­ble. That’s right — mar­ble. Ap­par­ently, it’s the same one that Michelan­gelo used, but from HE 1’s per­spec­tive, it also pre­vents struc­ture-borne noise. The con­trol di­als are also crafted from a sin­gle piece of brass be­fore the chrome plat­ing treat­ment.

It must be some­thing to ex­pe­ri­ence this.

In­deed, it is and is noth­ing short of awe. The show­man­ship starts even be­fore you start lis­ten­ing on the HE 1. The sys­tem has all the components re­tracted and a gen­tle push to the power but­ton brings the HE 1 to life. The con­trol but­tons slowly ex­tend from the mar­ble hous­ing, the vac­uum tubes en­closed in quartz glass bulbs rise from the base and start to glow and fi­nally, a glass cover is raised, al­low­ing the user to take out the head­phones.

The elec­tro­static head­phones have built-in high-volt­age am­pli­fiers and use gold-va­por­ised ce­ramic trans­duc­ers for im­proved acous­tic per­for­mance and fea­ture 99.9 per cent sil­ver-plated cop­per ca­bles so that there is no loss in au­dio qual­ity. More­over, eight in­ter­nal ESS DACs help to con­vert to ana­logue sig­nals.

This may seem fu­tile to ask, but just from a gen­eral knowl­edge per­spec­tive, how can one pur­chase it?

As if it would be avail­able just about any­where.

It is made to or­der and Sennheiser gives few cus­tomi­sa­tion op­tions for the buyer to choose from, like the colour of the mar­ble, di­als, etc.

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Quite a sight to see these tubes come to life

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