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First of all, what is QLED?

QLED is Quan­tum Dot colour tech­nol­ogy used by Sam­sung, al­though the un­der­ly­ing pan­els are LED-back­lit.

Okay but you’ll have to ex­plain Quan­tum Dots to me.

Quan­tum Dots are nanopar­ti­cles that can emit or mod­ify light at vary­ing fre­quen­cies, thereby pro­duc­ing more ac­cu­rate colour from a wider gamut com­pare to nor­mal white LEDs.

That’s great and all, but con­trast has al­ways been a weak point of OLEDs.

True that, but these QLEDs have been treated with a low-re­flec­tiv­ity fin­ish which ab­sorbs light. This, com­bined with the ca­pa­bil­ity to pro­duce a peak lu­mi­nance range of 1,500– 2,000cd/m2 should, at least on pa­per, solve this is­sue.

What other ad­van­tages does QLED have over OLED?

You’ll be happy to know that these are the world’s first TVs to of­fer 100 per cent colour vol­ume in­stead to the usual 68 per cent. As a bonus, QLED does not suf­fer from screen burn-in and has a longer life when com­pared to OLED.

Now that the bor­ing stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about the de­sign.

But that was the most in­ter­est­ing part! Any­way, the TV mounts flush against the wall for the flat model and has a wide enough view­ing an­gle to ac­com­mo­date a lot of peo­ple. This means no more fight­ing for the mid­dle seat as the colours don’t wash out even from the cor­ners which is a huge is­sue with yel­low and green.

Won­der­ful! But what about – I’m afraid to even ask – ca­ble man­age­ment?

A lot of pos­i­tive words! You won’t have to go to great lengths to hide ugly wiring as there is only one very thin and trans­par­ent wire, which con­nects to the One Connect Box.

Connect what box now?

Since there are no ports on the TV, all of them have been shifted to this One Connect Box, for con­nect­ing pe­riph­er­als like a gam­ing con­sole, Blu­ray player, sound­bar etc. They are all au­to­mat­i­cally de­tected and can be con­trolled by the re­mote, which even has voice con­trol!

How many mod­els can one choose from?

The Q7 and Q8 are avail­able in curved 55 inches,65 inches and 75 inches sizes. The Q7F can be had in 55-inch and 65-inch flat pan­els.

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