My TV seems out of sync. What can I do?


ANot all HDMI is cre­ated equal. It needs pro­cess­ing at both ends to be trans­formed from a spume of bit-soup to a crispy pic­ture, and there’s usu­ally a whole pret­ty­ing-up sig­nal chain for it to be run through be­fore it hits the screen. All of these things take time. Every TV will do its best to syn­chro­nise the au­dio stream with the pic­ture, but if you’re play­ing games – or man­ag­ing your au­dio and vi­su­als with in­di­vid­ual de­vices – things might start to slip.

For games, test out your HDMI ports and plug your con­sole into the one with the least lag – your TV man­u­fac­turer might have specif­i­cally des­ig­nated one. Then switch off every ex­tra pic­ture pro­cess­ing por­tion you can, and en­able Game mode to speed up pic­ture pro­cess­ing. If au­dio is your is­sue, a box like the CYP Ad­justable Stereo Lip Sync Cor­rec­tor will en­able you to add an ad­justable de­lay to a phono pair. Ob­vi­ously this adds com­plex­ity, but Guru loves noth­ing more than mak­ing your life more dif­fi­cult.

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