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If you don’t have ac­cess to a gym, fear not. Ju­lia Buck­ley tells us there are strength train­ing ex­er­cises you can eas­ily do with­out weights or ma­chines that’ll burn fat and build mus­cle mass.

The key to over­all progress is mak­ing changes de­pend­ing on how easy you find the ex­er­cises. She ex­plains: “Begin­ners should do sup­ported mod­i­fi­ca­tions, like press-ups with bent knees, but as that be­comes eas­ier, you can make things harder. Like a full press-up or a sin­gle arm press-up.”

30 jump­ing jacks

Jump­ing jacks are a great place to start be­cause they get your blood pump­ing and your mus­cles warm. Start off with your feet shoul­der width apart, then spread your arms and legs away from your body.

20 squats

Stand with your feet a lit­tle wider than hip width apart, point your toes slightly out­ward and fo­cus on a point ahead of you. Lower your­self with bent knees, then drive back up, push­ing through your heels.

20 lunges

You need to look for­ward with your body com­pletely ver­ti­cal. Then step for­ward with one leg, low­er­ing your hips un­til your knees are bent at a 90-de­gree an­gle. If you wob­ble, stop or slow it down.

10 press-ups

To do press-ups prop­erly, your shoul­ders should be over your wrists and your body should form a straight line. If you need to use your knees you can, then build your way up to full ones.

15-sec­ond plank

On your el­bows and toes, form a straight line with your body and keep your abs nice and tight. Your aim is to keep your body straight and rigid the whole time, so you’re re­ally work­ing your core strength.

10 burpees

Burpees are a killer com­bi­na­tion of squat, plank, jump, push-up and jump­ing jack all rolled into one and they’re a great way to end a work out. Just make sure you fol­low up with a stretch­ing ses­sion.

“If you’ve got no equip­ment at hand, like re­sis­tance bands or weights, look for things you have at home, like bot­tles of water or even big lug­gage bags. You could pack them with any­thing you can find and lift, drag or pull them.” Dan Chap­man

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