Fu­ji­film In­stax SQ10

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What am I look­ing at here?

The SQ10 is the first hy­brid In­stax cam­era from Fu­ji­film and also the first to use the brand’s new square film for­mat. So it’s ac­tu­ally a dig­i­tal cam­era with the abil­ity to print in­stant pho­tos like a clas­sic Po­laroid.

Tell me about the cam­era lens.

The 3.7MP CMOS sen­sor is a wide an­gle de­sign with a fixed f/2.4 aper­ture that is able to fo­cus as near as 10cm. It uses real flash so tak­ing snaps in a dim en­vi­ron­ment should not be a prob­lem. The Con­trast De­tec­tion Au­toFo­cus isn’t as quick on the up­take so it might be hard to cap­ture those fleet­ing mo­ments.

Is there a touch­screen?

No, there isn’t but the 3-inch TFT LCD can be con­trolled via the phys­i­cal dial and 6 but­tons on the side. These let you set var­i­ous things like ex­po­sure, click to print, con­trol vi­gnette ef­fect and se­lect­ing be­tween the 10 im­age fil­ters. There’s no op­ti­cal viewfinder so this is the only way to frame shots.

There’s a man­ual mode then?

There is but it doesn’t equate to man­ual fo­cus or ex­po­sure. It ac­tu­ally means that you’re cap­tur­ing only dig­i­tal im­ages which reach max­i­mum ca­pac­ity at 50 for the on­board stor­age and can be in­creased if you in­sert a mi­croSD card. You can come back to any saved photo and re-edit it un­til you’re sat­is­fied which is quite the de­par­ture from the reg­u­lar In­stax!

How can I trans­fer im­ages from the SQ10?

Since it doesn’t support Wi-Fi, Blue­tooth or NFC, you can only trans­fer shots via the in­serted mi­croSD. Un­for­tu­nate but the mi­cro USB slot is there only for charg­ing.

Too bad. For­got to ask but what will be the charges of the film pack?

The Fu­ji­film in­stant film pack costs `699 for 10 sheets so it roughly comes out to `70 per sheet. The built-in NP50 bat­tery is rated to take upto 160 prints.

The cam­era de­sign is sym­met­ri­cal and thus in­tu­itive for both left and right handed use

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