My Wi-Fi is very slow. What could be caus­ing this?

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How far were you from the router were you when ex­pe­ri­enc­ing slow Wi-Fi? If you have a three-storey house, the router is on the ground floor and you have a Wi-Fi black spot on the top floor, there’s your an­swer. The fix?

A Wi-Fi mesh net­work to ‘blan­ket’ your home. TP-Link Deco (around ₹24,999) has launched, join­ing Net­gear Orbi (₹28,990) and Google Wifi (around ₹26,000 for a set of three).

The type of walls in your house also af­fect Wi-Fi cov­er­age – brick, stone and plas­ter walls with cor­ru­gated wire can block wire­less in­ter­net sig­nals. The fix? Re­po­si­tion your router. Hav­ing it in the cen­tre of your house is ideal.

Un­for­tu­nately, a lot of home de­vices block Wi-Fi ra­dio waves. Mi­crowaves and baby mon­i­tors, for ex­am­ple, of­ten use the same wire­less fre­quency (2.4GHz) as routers. The fix? En­sure wire­less speak­ers, baby mon­i­tors and wire­less phones are not sit­u­ated be­tween you and your router.

In­stalling a few Wi-Fi re­peaters around your home could be an­other quick fix, but be aware that re­peaters weaken the sig­nal from your router, which may cause is­sues with stream­ing or down­load­ing con­tent.

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