Can you rec­om­mend a lighter?


A It won’t be a sur­prise to learn that you can’t go far wrong with a prop­erly fu­elled Zippo – ₹1300 and up – both for the joy of fid­dling with it and the con­sis­tency of its flame. The next step up is a bu­tane jet torch lighter like Xikar’s Tech Dou­ble (around ₹5500), which shoots out a pair of flames with a highly sat­is­fy­ing whoosh.

But fuel lighters have down­sides, like the fact they re­quire fuel. USBcharged arc lighters, which in­stead burn things with elec­tri­fied plasma fired at a teenager-in­fu­ri­at­ing high fre­quency, are the ideal al­ter­na­tive. The best one (the Saberlight Sparq) an­noy­ingly isn’t eas­ily avail­able in the UK. Thank­fully, the next best thing, a Tesla Coil Arc Lighter, can be had on eBay for ₹2500 on­wards.

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