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Acer has built an en­tire ecosys­tem around their Preda­tor gam­ing se­ries, with the new Galea 500 head­set ex­pand­ing their line-up. It is bol­stered by True-Har­mony 3D Sound­scape technology that mim­ics real life recre­at­ing acous­tic po­si­tion­ing based on the ori­en­ta­tion of the user’s head. So when you look to the left, the sound in front of you will now be heard in your right ear. The Bio-Cel­lu­lose mem­brane Driver and rub­ber sur­round build con­trib­ute to a more im­mer­sive sur­round sound ex­pe­ri­ence. It is also able to re­spond quickly, to re­pro­duce vocals and mid to high range notes. They aren’t just suited to gam­ing as ev­i­denced by the 3 modes like EQ Mu­sic, Movie and Sport that tweak the out­put ac­cord­ingly. The uni-di­rec­tional boom mic can be re­tracted so that it doesn’t get in your way if no voice chats are go­ing on.

T3 SAYS: We sus­pect the price is higher than it needs to be solely be­cause they are gam­ing head­phones

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