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It was only a mat­ter of time till we saw a bat­tery pow­ered, in­ter­ac­tive pay­ment card, we weren’t sur­prised when the Dy­nam­ics In­dusInd card popped up. Just so it’s clear, you don’t need to charge the stan­dard cards as they carry enough bat­tery to last for up to 7 years. As for its in­ter­ac­tiv­ity, there are 3 but­tons with one each for pay­ing with credit, points or in­stall­ments. A dif­fer­ent light colour ac­ti­vates based on the se­lected pay­ment op­tion. It will work with the en­tire port­fo­lio of a bank but will un­for­tu­nately not work with oth­ers. Each bank will re­quire their own sep­a­rate Dy­nam­ics card. The best part is that it re­quires no changes to the pay­ment in­fra­struc­ture or mer­chant sys­tems are re­quired. While it is cur­rently avail­able through just In­dusInd, we ex­pect to see some more banks in In­dia to join.

T3 SAYS: On pa­per it’s all is gravy but real world test­ing in In­dia is what will make or break Dy­nam­ics

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