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$129 (ap­prox. `8,250),

While many fea­tures stay the same be­tween them, your choice of a smart ecosys­tem can make a big dif­fer­ence to your day to day. Case in point, Google As­sis­tant – avail­able on the Home and Home Mini, as well as some other speak­ers com­ing soon – is the only way to con­trol a Chrome­cast vo­cally, and it’s much more adept at us­ing natural lan­guage than its com­peti­tor. While it had more trou­ble with our ac­cent than Alexa did (and, on the Home, strug­gled more to hear its wake word) there’s also proper multi­user sup­port built in, with voice recog­ni­tion for every­one in your fam­ily and their per­sonal Google ac­counts.

The unit it­self is small and apes the styling of many of Google's home de­vices, with a flat slanted top, a hid­den ring of RGB LEDs in said slice, and a cloth grille for its speaker. Not the sort of thing that’s hard to tuck away, but not overly ob­tru­sive ei­ther. It throws out a bouncy sound when stream­ing via Wi-Fi or Blue­tooth, al­though the Home isn’t strong enough to re­place your proper stereo by any means, par­tic­u­larly as it lacks any form of phys­i­cal out­put.


The best way to ac­cess Google As­sis­tant in the home right now, but ex­tended sup­port in 2018 could send it pack­ing.


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