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Scrub­bies is one of Google’s first appsper­i­ments that is in­ci­den­tally ex­clu­sive to iOS for now. It pro­vides an easy and no-non­sense in­ter­face to let you quickly ma­nip­u­late the speed and direc­tion of video play­back to pro­duce loops. Per­haps the best part is how sim­ple it is to use. Once the video is shot, swip­ing with one fin­ger plays it back and two fin­gers to record the play­back. Ac­cord­ing to Google, the ac­tions are akin to remix­ing like a DJ so once the move­ment is recorded and you’re happy with the re­sults shar­ing is just a press away. Later, cap­tured footage is au­to­mat­i­cally saved in the gallery for you to ad­mire or cringe at. While de­vel­op­ment is still on­go­ing, Google is en­cour­ag­ing users to share feed­back via links.

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